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How to Understand and Administer a Budget

Become a better bottom-line manager by finding problems, identifying trends and discovering opportunities within your budget

One Hour Webinar

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Are you consistently on top of your budget, or do you feel like you're drowning in numbers? Understanding the logic and strategy behind making a budget can be daunting enough — not to mention administering and overseeing the budget year-round! How would you and your organization benefit from the ability to create, implement, adjust, and adhere to a budget that keeps you on track and in control of your finances?

You're probably familiar with the concept of budgeting, and possibly even the practice of it. But are you confident that you really understand the driving forces behind the numbers, or that you can effectively use your budget to identify trends and uncover opportunities for your organization? In today's ever-changing business climate, having a handle on your finances is more important than ever. Learning how to develop a budget that is flexible, smart, and on target is the key to meeting your business goals and objectives, even in times when fiscal restraint must be used. This course can help!

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Considering watching your finances has become a crucial daily activity, a well-planned budget that is properly executed can serve as the perfect roadmap for keeping your organization's finances on track. On the other hand, ineffective budgeting can stifle growth while hindering your organization's ability to carry out everyday operations. Mastering your budgeting skills will provide you with the opportunity to make smart business decisions that reflect positively on your ability as a bottom-line manager. Plus, a fiscally responsible organization has a better chance of meeting and exceeding its short-term and long-term goals.

Are you confident that you can do all of the following?

  • Use a budget to make intelligent operating decisions
  • Understand the purpose of developing a budget and why it is important for your business
  • Evaluate the performance of your team, department, and organization based on your budget
  • Identify the need for budget adjustments and take early corrective action on variances
  • Recognize how your budgeting coincides with your organization's financial future
  • Anticipate and control overruns and shortfalls
  • Utilize the cyclical nature of the budgeting process to improve accuracy and forecasting

If you're unsure of how to accomplish even one of the items listed above, you're not alone! Enroll in this powerful one-hour webinar, and receive a simplified set of instructions that will help you learn how to understand and administer a budget that improves your organization's bottom line. With the information and tools provided in this program, you'll learn to understand the "whys" behind the numbers and determine which budgeting method is best for your organizational needs. You'll gain practical tips for implementing your budget and methods for helping adhere to it — even when you're faced with environmental changes that impact your organization.

How to Understand and Administer a Budget will teach you the advantages of creating, maintaining, and adhering to a budget that makes sense for your business. In just one information-filled hour-long workshop.

Don't spend another day struggling with operating costs, profit margins, and difficult financial decisions. Gain the knowledge and insight into what it takes to develop and administer an accurate budget. Enroll now in this one-hour training, and help lead your organization to a new level of fiscal responsibility and security!

What You'll Learn

  • Establish the objective behind budgeting — why do it?
  • Identify different approaches and philosophies of budgeting and the advantages of each
  • Use the cyclical nature of the budgeting process to help predict future trends
  • Recognize the benefits a well-crafted budget has for both an organization and its staff
  • Understand why the sales/revenue budget should serve as a foundation for all other budgets
  • Utilize the concept of forecasting and understand its crucial role in budget development
  • Explore ways to improve expense forecasting accuracy by identifying and analyzing different types of expenses
  • Determine how changes in an environment and underlying assumptions can affect budget outcomes
  • Implement strategies that ensure your budget serves as a planning tool to improve performance

Who Will Benefit

This power-packed program is essential for business owners, managers and supervisors, department heads, accounting professionals, team leads and every member of your organization who takes part in your organization's budgeting process!

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