How to Legally Terminate Employees on Leave

One Hour Webinar


Terminating an employee under normal circumstances can be stressful enough. When looking to terminate an employee on job-protected leave, the legalities become even more complex and confusing. Are you confident that you know your rights — and those of your employees — in such sticky situations?

With the numerous types of protected leave offered and the extensive laws surrounding individual circumstances, there are many issues to consider. Are you stuck waiting until the employee returns to work? Do you need to keep the employee on staff long enough to establish a delay period between the end of the leave and the termination? Do different rules and regulations apply when terminating for performance, for disciplinary problems, for absenteeism or as part of a layoff? Do you have to payout terminated employees for accrued but unpaid sick leave in states with paid sick leave laws?

Learn how to navigate legally challenging areas of your job such as the FMLA, the ADA and Workers' Compensation and discover when it's permissible to terminate an employee on leave — and when doing so could land you in legal hot water.

How would you handle the following situations?

  • A troublesome employee who has been warned about disruptive behavior goes on FMLA leave for a medical condition. While on leave, he appears at the office and continues to disrupt his department. Can you fire him for his behavior?
  • While an employee is on pregnancy-related leave, you discover evidence of gross negligence that has cost the organization thousands of dollars. What actions are you allowed at this time?
  • An employee who has had problems with excessive absenteeism in the past goes on military family leave. After her leave is approved, her supervisor decides he wants to fire her for her history of absenteeism. Can he do that?

If you aren't sure about the answers, enroll now for this informative webinar. You'll gain insight on the laws surrounding job-protected leave and learn how to protect your organization from potentially damaging — and costly — legal action.

In just one hour of employee termination training, you'll get the knowledge you need to make the tough decisions.

What You'll Learn

  • Legal considerations for terminating an employee on leave
  • Documentation guidelines that can help keep your organization out of legal hot water
  • How to avoid the number one reason most employers get in trouble
  • When and how to discipline or discharge an employee on leave
  • What you can and cannot do with employees on Workers' Compensation
  • How to avoid penalties for wrongful termination of an employee on leave
  • Termination considerations when an employee asks for extended leave beyond FMLA
  • Quick tips for ensuring your terminations are legally sound

Who Will Benefit

HR professionals, HR assistants, managers, supervisors, executives — anyone who is involved in the termination of employees and wants to ensure legal compliance for his or her organization.

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