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How to Succeed as a One-Person HR Department

Discover expert strategies to balance your workload, address employee issues and project a positive image for your organization

One Hour Webinar

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Within the next couple of minutes, the chances are likely a fire will start that only the Human Resources Department can put out. If you're the only HR associate in your organization, guess whose phone will soon be ringing? Being the only one available to answer the phone when somebody needs help or advice is one of the major differences between large organizations with a Human Resources staff and small organizations with one HR individual. The more people around you who have shared goals and a wide spectrum of knowledge, the more likely you are to get fresh ideas and different perspectives — delivered in a language that is unique to Human Resources professionals. But where do you turn when you're a department of one?

It's no surprise that working tirelessly as the only HR associate can impair your ability to be the most attentive and helpful Human Resources confidant. When you're pressured for time and attention, critical responsibilities can fall to the wayside, putting you and your organization at risk. In this 60-minute workshop, we'll help you learn how to balance — on your own — the ever-changing and increasing workload of an entire Human Resources department.

In this fast-paced HR training session, you'll get the tools you need not only to survive, but also excel as a one-person HR Department. Whether you're new to the job or have a few years under your belt, this course is a resource that will give you the credibility and the confidence you need to be more effective in your role.

Spend some time with a seasoned HR professional, who understands the frustrations and challenges you face on a daily basis. The information gained in this one-hour program will be invaluable to improving your role as the only HR associate in your workplace. Take control of your Human Resources department-of-one with the skill, ease and confidence of an entire team!

What You'll Learn

  • How to prepare for your role as a witness in counseling, discipline and termination sessions and how to prepare the manager who will conduct those sessions
  • The dos and don'ts of maintaining friendships with employees both at work and outside the office
  • What you should and shouldn't cover during employee orientation
  • Essential presentation skills you'll need when it's time to make an announcement in front of employees
  • What you need to tell your front-line supervisors about their documentation
  • If you're not on your organization's leadership team, you should be! Find out how to build a case for your inclusion in the management structure
  • FMLA, OSHA, ADA — where to find resources so you can stay informed about current issues and changes in legislation that can affect your organization's legal well-being
  • Simple time management techniques you can use right away to get organized and stay on top of your challenging workload

Who Will Benefit

Human Resources professionals, administrative assistants, small business owners, office managers, supervisors — anyone who handles the responsibilities of an entire HR department on their own!

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