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How to Set Expectations for Remote Employees

One Hour Webinar


Employees, whether they work on-site or at home, need rules and procedures to follow in order to be productive and successful in off-site environments. This insightful webinar covers three main work-from-home areas, including: establishing the rules for work-from-home employees; goal-setting and identifying expectations for remote team members and ways to monitor productivity to ensure those goals are being met. Set yourself and your team up for success by following this three-part process to a productive and remote working culture that works for you and your team.

What You'll Learn

  • How to set “the rules” for work-from home employees. 
  • Goal-setting—determining a manageable workload. 
  • How to set quantifiable expectations to measure remote workers’ productivity. 
  • Understanding the importance of video vs. audio during “team huddles.” 
  • Ways to identify work-from-home distractions and eliminate them. 
  • Tips for using “chat” to monitor employee’s work. 
  • Strategic ways to schedule and succeed with managing time—when to work on computer vs. when to schedule meetings, take breaks, etc. 

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