How to Retain Your Best and Brightest Employees

One Hour Webinar


According to Harvard Business Review, the struggle to find talented employees shows no signs of letting up. Every manager’s dream is to find that employee, the standout, peak performer. The self-starter who always delivers the results we need. The superstar that meets and achieves their quota. The person who exceeds expectations, creates new opportunities and produces innovative solutions.

The stand-out performer is an asset and the employee who is most likely to see greener pastures. Competitors woo them with better offers. Vendors entice them with opportunities for career growth. Recruiters snare them as top job candidates. Sometimes, they are sought out by other managers in our own organizations.

How do we keep our top performers content, challenged and committed long term?

In just one information-packed session, we will uncover dozens of super-effective strategies and techniques for keeping self-starters satisfied, super motivated and intent on staying put.

What You'll Learn

  • Learn the Six Types of Top Performing Employees – and how motivating them is different from motivating the average employee.
  • Retention enhancers most managers fail to put into action.
  • How to rein in employees when their ego is running amok.
  • Recognize the overlooked statements, signs and signals that show dissatisfaction.
  • Establish quick and easy motivators that cost nothing but build maximum team member loyalty.
  • How to handle the top performer who's toxic to team morale.
  • Discover tips to win the fight to keep high achievers when competing with a better offer.
  • Explore four supervisory tactics to clear the confusion when team members are interpreting performance rewards with "favoritism."
  • Find out the five ways to use individual top performance to improve team operation across the board.
  • Learn steps to take when unethical practices and orthodox behaviors require discipline and termination.

Who Will Benefit

Human Resources, managers, supervisors, team leaders, project managers and anyone who may play a part in your organization’s management, supervision and hiring.

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