How to Resolve Customer Complaints on the Spot

Learn how to handle objections, defuse confrontations and create win-win situations

One Hour Webinar


Today, people have an ever-increasing number of choices when deciding where and with whom to do business. Customers are more informed about their choices and have higher service expectations than ever before. What are you doing to make sure your customers' expectations are met … and exceeded?

Whether you interact with customers face to face or over the phone, you are your organization's representative. Customers' perceptions of a business are primarily based on interpersonal interaction with front-line employees; yet, too little attention is placed on training these employees in appropriate customer management. It is crucial to your organization's success that each employee understands how to handle confrontations, objections and bad attitudes in order to keep customers content and coming back. This course can help!

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Are you driving customers away?

The biggest reason customers "quit" a business is an attitude of indifference on the part of the owner, manager or employees. It takes only seven seconds for customers to form 11 impressions about you and your organization. If your customers don't feel like you care about them or their business, they will go elsewhere. Lack of training or lack of authority to make customer-centered decisions can hinder your ability to make a good first impression and leave your customers feeling undervalued.

If a customer is unhappy, it's imperative that you rectify the problem immediately. A customer who has a negative experience means more than just one lost sale or damaged relationship. On average, an unhappy customer tells three people, who each tell three more people, creating a wide-spread trickle-down effect that could damage your organization's credibility and its reputation. However, a customer won back after a negative experience is a customer for life. Attend this powerful one-hour webinar and become equipped to keep complaints and petty situations from escalating into full-blown customer service disasters.

How to Resolve Customer Complaints on the Spot will teach you how to react well to the realities of customer service and deal with the most difficult customers and their complaints.

When you're prepared to take ownership of problems and empowered to find solutions, not only will your customers be happier, but you'll benefit from increased confidence, less stress and greater value to your organization. This informative program can give you the information and tools necessary to resolve customer complaints and build customer relationships.

Don't go another day providing your customers with "so-so" service. Get the great customer service training you need to increase customer satisfaction and sales, reduce job-related stress and make your life easier today!

What You'll Learn

  • What every complaining customer really wants
  • Effective strategies for calming irate customers
  • Creative collaboration techniques for win-win outcomes
  • How to deal with Witchy Wilma, Broken Record Robert and other difficult personalities
  • Ways to work through difficult and touchy issues
  • What to do when your answer must be "no"

Who Will Benefit

Customer service representatives, sales professionals, sales and customer service supervisors and managers, marketing professionals and managers — anyone and everyone who comes into contact with customers!

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