How to Prevent Quiet Quitting

One Hour Webinar


In the wake of The Great Resignation, there is news of a subversive practice called 'Quiet Quitting'. Stories include employees clocking in and checking out, refuse more work and are generally more difficult to work with.

It might shock you, but quiet quitting is nothing new. Employees feel so disengaged and disincentivized in their work, that they refuse to do anything more than the bare minimum to retain their job. For many jobs the bare minimum is all that is expected, but in a work environment that relies upon people going the extra mile, it is ruinous to productivity and morale.

The disenchanted employee is a tale as old as employment itself. Thankfully, our techniques to reengage employees with their work are just as timeless.

When we strip down the sensationalism, what we are dealing with is employee disengagement in the face of career uncertainty. Employees want to know where they stand in the face of management. They want transparent evaluation processes that will guide them toward career development. They want tangible opportunities and paths for their career complete with fair pay and benefits.

Remove the uncertainty for your employees. Learn how to provide clarity and a clear employee path for career advancement and growth that will reengage and retain your employees.

What You Will Learn

  • Define quiet quitting.
  • Learn the signs of quiet quitting.
  • Identify organizational costs considering quiet quitting.
  • Spot typical causes for quiet quitting.
  • Determine employee effort versus reward imbalance.
  • Redefine and communicate career opportunities.
  • Reduce and manage 'job creep' to redefine key job goals.
  • Implement proactive stay interviews to connect and listen to employee needs.
  • Collect qualitative data to validate employee needs.
  • Create a transparent and communicative environment.
  • Evaluate unsustainable hustle culture.
  • Support employee citizenship initiatives.

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, HR and benefits professionals, project managers, business owners and executives… anyone who seeks sustained employee peak performance and wants to recognize and reward employees the right way!

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