How to Manage, Train, and Motivate the Change-Resistant Employee

Employee motivation training to gain buy-in and cooperation … from even your most reluctant team members

One Hour Webinar


There's no doubt about it, change can be stressful, frustrating and confusing for anyone … but some employees seem to be particularly set in their ways. If you deal regularly with people who are resistant, apathetic, negative or just plain suspicious of anything new, we can help! We've created an exciting new webinar designed specifically to address the needs of managers, supervisors and team leaders who are faced with change-resistant employees.

Learn how to guide these negative personalities successfully through change, get them to see that change can lead to new opportunities and encourage them to rise to new challenges, rather than sink further into negativity!

This course packs an incredible amount of critical information into one powerful hour of learning! You'll be surprised — and delighted — with all the great skills, tools and ideas you'll come away with. This webinar will help you offer reassurance and support where it's needed, take a harder line with more "difficult" personalities when necessary and make sure your employees are ready and able to step up to the plate and make it through major and minor changes unscathed.

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Discover proven, workable tactics for dealing with even your worst underperformers!

You know the ones. They sit in meetings without contributing much beyond an eye roll or exasperated sigh, purposely derail conversations to focus attention on themselves and attempt to discount or undermine others' new ideas, approaches or methods. Believe it or not, you can turn these negative thinkers around — all it takes is a little knowledge, know-how and determination! Once you master our simple tools, savvy strategies and proven techniques, you'll quickly notice a significant change in attitude, behavior and cooperation.

Change in the workplace can take many forms. From mergers, acquisitions or restructuring, to an overhaul of processes, procedures or technology, change is an inevitable part of today's business world. With the solutions, ideas and tools you'll learn in this webinar, you'll be well-prepared to gain cooperation and buy-in from even the most unmanageable of employees.

Listen, learn and reap the benefits!

  • Gain the upper hand when it comes to dealing with the chronic complainers, know-it-alls, negativity mongers and change-challenged members of your team, staff or department
  • Learn ways to boost declining morale, keep negative emotions at bay and give overwhelmed employees the guidance and support they need
  • Encourage your staff to see change as a vehicle for acquiring new skills, embracing new ways of thinking and problem-solving and setting new career goals
  • Identify what's needed (training, coaching, counseling, etc.) to ease transitions and reduce stress and confusion among your employees
  • Master surefire strategies for turning around members of your staff or team who are apathetic, disinterested and lacking in motivation

Don't miss your chance to attend this class! Sign up today and learn how to help even your most reluctant, change-averse employees become more positive, productive team members. In just one hour, you'll gain a wealth of practical tools, tips and techniques to get your employees performing consistently at the top of their game. Change CAN be a positive, energizing, exciting experience — and this program will help you make it happen!

What You'll Learn

  • Transform sub-par attitudes about change into positive thought and action
  • Generate renewed enthusiasm among "naysayers" and negative thinkers
  • Utilize a variety of ideas, solutions and tools for motivating even the most reluctant team members
  • Lay the groundwork for smooth transitions when faced with a move, restructuring or acquisition
  • Keep teams focused, positive and productive throughout a period of change

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors and team leaders who are faced with change-resistant employees.

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