How to Identify and Prevent Workplace Sexual Harassment

One Hour Webinar


Does your organization have specific training, protocol, and procedures in place to inform, prevent, and document the sensitive issue of workplace sexual harassment?

Wherever people work together and share common interests, relationships become intimate and can lead to inappropriate behavior. In June of 1998, the Supreme Court made employers more liable for the sexual harassment of their employees — which could result in costly fines and legal action.

Uncomfortable personal situations between coworkers can create workplace difficulties and legal issues for many organizations and their HR departments. When sexual harassment takes place — whether it's purposeful or off the cuff — it's imperative that your organization is prepared to deal with consequences and this workshop will help.

Are you confident the employees of your organization can:

  • Utilize best practices for addressing sexual harassment scenarios with groups or individuals?
  • Identify the key elements of the Employer Sexual Liability Test, as established by the courts?
  • Verbalize what constitutes sexual harassment: bullying, foul language, inappropriate conversation or crude gestures?
  • Recognize and apply the latest court rulings on sexual harassment?
  • Use discretion when it comes to associating personal and professional lives on the Internet, specifically through social media?

If you are hesitant about your organization's training abilities, enroll in this power-packed program today. With the information provided in this one-hour webinar, you will learn how to prevent, communicate about and manage these difficult situations effectively — without disrupting productivity.

No matter the gender, every workplace professional has the right to be respected and feel safe at the office. Without appropriate communication measures in place, you could inadvertently create further stress for your coworkers and employees. That's why training programs, proper response channels, and direct communication are the keys to maintaining a stable work environment and avoiding sexual harassment lawsuits.

Discover the best ways to effectively prevent sexual harassment in your workplace. This one-hour class can equip you with the strategies and techniques you need to anticipate and handle any difficult employees and avoid costly legal action!

What You'll Learn

  • How to handle the two types of sexual harassment: quid pro quo and hostile work environment
  • The five most common myths and misconceptions
  • Tips for identifying the four sexual harassment patterns and how to put a stop to them
  • Strategies for developing or rewriting your organization's social media policy to ensure safety, both in and out of the workplace
  • Updates about the Employer Liability Test — so that you'll be ready if an incident occurs
  • How to recognize the many faces of sexual harassment; you'll be surprised by who's actually guilty
  • Ten steps every employer can take to avoid sexual harassment within their organization

Who Will Benefit

HR professionals, managers, supervisors, and every employee in your organization will gain valuable professional and legal information from this one-hour program.

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