How to Deliver Effective Online Customer Support

Communicate positively and professionally

One Hour Webinar


Online chat is one of the most popular methods of communication among customer service providers. Unlike telephone calls where you can gauge your response based on tone of voice, online chat requires an ability to think quickly and solve customer problems without the benefit of a direct conversation.

Online chat continues to grow as a customer service delivery method. There is a big difference, though, between chat and other communication methods. This webinar gives you the skills you need to communicate both positively and professionally.

As a customer service professional, you are on the front lines, representing your organization as the face of the company in the eyes of your customers. Do you have the tools you need to succeed?

Don't lose another customer due to poor online customer support. Get your copy today to learn the ins and outs of online interaction with customers and watch as your customer satisfaction goes through the roof!

What You'll Learn

  • Key factors for successful online chat
  • How to keep the conversation flowing
  • Scripted and hot key responses
  • Ways to avoid online mistakes that can cost your company customers
  • Business writing skills
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit

This webinar is designed for customer service professionals who communicate with customers using online chat.

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