How to Deal with Negativity in the Workplace

Create a positive, productive work environment by preventing bad attitudes and negative situations from disrupting your team's performance

One Hour Webinar


Did you know that just one bad attitude can affect an entire organization? Once negativity enters the workplace, it can cost your company plenty—in lowered morale, lost opportunities and decreased productivity. Do you know how to handle negative situations correctly when they arise? Combating negative attitudes before they spread will help you avoid sticky situations and put an end to problem performers and unacceptable behaviors.

Let's face it — not every member of an organization is going to be 100 percent happy all the time. Negativity often invades your workplace due to insecurity, boredom or even resentment, and it can spread like wildfire and attack an entire department's morale and ability to perform. Detecting potential problems before they spread is key to defusing harmful situations and stopping them in their tracks.

Dealing with negativity requires open communication, good listening skills and the ability to focus on solutions rather than the problem. This informative program will provide you with proven strategies, tips and techniques to help you renew motivation where negativity may have taken hold within your organization.

Are you confident that you can do all of the following?

  • Stop rumor mills and office gossip
  • Inspire those who have become unmotivated or bored at work
  • Recognize the signs that foreshadow serious problems
  • Control crises before they get out of hand
  • Communicate, listen and ask questions in a non-accusing manner
  • Determine if a problem is a one-time occurrence or a chronic, disruptive behavior
  • Form effective solutions that will get your entire team on board
  • Counsel employees through temporary rough spots
  • Stay positive and in control when others aren't

If you answered "no" to any of the above or simply want to expand on your skills, make sure you attend this program! You will learn how to identify the many sources of negative attitudes and manage them effectively before they spiral out of control. This one-hour information-packed webinar will teach anyone how to create a more enjoyable, productive and supportive working environment.

How to Deal with Negativity in the Workplace will show you how to combat negativity by working out conflicts with constructive criticism, active listening and an optimistic attitude.

It only takes one negative attitude to hinder the productivity of an entire team, which can ultimately affect your organization's bottom line. This one-hour webinar will teach you how to identify, work with and remove negativity before it plagues your workplace — so that you will enjoy a more creative, dynamic and professional environment!

What You'll Learn

  • What a negative atmosphere could be costing you and your organization
  • Ways to identify and remove sources of negativity
  • How to deal with different problem attitudes (complainers, pessimists, gossips) with open communication, top-notch listening skills and effective questioning strategies
  • Skills to motivate team members and change negative behaviors
  • How to assess your own attitude and understand how it's affecting your team
  • Strategies to effectively respond when upper management is identified as the cause of negativity
  • Guidelines to create a "pocket of positivity" within your team — and how to serve as an example for the whole company
  • How to act rather than react when presented with a difficult situation
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, team members, HR personnel and anyone who wants to gain control of negative situations and create a positive, healthy work environment!

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