How to Confidentially Conduct Workplace Investigations

One Hour Webinar


Company investigations into discrimination, harassment, theft or security breaches are fraught with liability and financial risks if not undertaken correctly. According to the National Law Review, employees should expect an uptick in internal complaints, as well as corresponding workplace investigations and organizational assessments. In 2021, according to a poll conducted, 70% of around 1,200 attendees had experienced some sort of internal workplace complaints. Done right, workplace investigations are essential to keeping your company clear of liability. Improper documentation and processing of your investigation can bring about legal and civil penalties while also running afoul of federal and state laws.

Thankfully, these various investigations are managed and handled through a unified and comprehensive workflow process. Sign up for this one-hour webinar and learn how to carry out professional, ethical and legally sound internal workplace investigations for all situations that might arise for your company.

Throughout the one-hour webinar, you will be introduced to a step-by-step workflow showing the life path of an internal workplace investigation. From the initial planning, conducting and documenting to finalizing and delivering your discoveries, we have you covered.

What You Will Learn

  • Identify the process to determine when an investigation is needed.
  • Learn when federal laws require an investigation.
  • Spot privacy laws surrounding workplace investigations.
  • Provide confidentiality and security.
  • Outline an investigation plan.
  • Find out how to be legally sound.
  • Choose a neutral and impartial investigator.
  • Develop and conduct interviews.
  • Define a summary, resolution and actions to be taken.

Who Will Benefit

HR professionals, those with newly assigned HR responsibilities, managers and supervisors, business owners and risk management personnel.

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