How to Clearly Communicate Employee Benefits

Ensure your employee benefits program is understood, utilized and valued within your organization.

One Hour Webinar


Your organization invests a great deal of time and money in assessing, implementing and providing the benefits program developed for your employees. Your HR staff and benefits professionals must research the options available, determine what is best for the organization and then communicate the value to the employees in a way that keeps everyone happy and informed. But is this easier said than done?

Are you frustrated with constantly having to answer questions about your benefits program? Do you find yourself searching for ways to get your employees to understand both the plan's content and value?

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Often times, employees overlook the importance of the benefits with which they are provided or are unable to determine the real value of these benefits. They can easily be confused by all the literature, especially when your company changes providers or offers additional coverage options for a plan. With all of the confusion, no wonder employees seek out endless clarification from HR and other benefits professionals. Not only is your organization spending significant portions of the budget to provide a benefits package, countless hours are taken out of your HR and employee benefits professionals' days attempting to clear up the confusion and clarify misunderstandings.

This power-packed 1-hour webinar will help you uncover specific techniques and strategies for explaining your employee benefits program so that it is optimally understood, utilized and valued by employees.

Don't spend another day struggling to communicate the strengths of your program! Help improve your employees' understanding of and increase their satisfaction with your organization's employee benefits plan today.

How to Clearly Communicate Employee Benefits is filled with information, tips and techniques that will allow your HR staff and benefits team to communicate information in ways that help employees understand, retain and use their benefits. Keep your company satisfaction rate high — this is training you can't afford to miss!

Sign up today, and get great training you can use to ensure your employee benefits program is not being misunderstood or under-valued. In just one hour, gain the insights you need to get your employees on board with your benefits package and satisfied with all you have to offer them!

What You'll Learn

  • How to use e-mail communication to ensure better utilization of benefits and increase employee satisfaction
  • The best way to explain even the most complicated benefits, including health insurance, flexible spending accounts, 401K matching provisions and more
  • How to place a "real dollar value" on employee benefits — and what they'd cost if purchased privately
  • The most effective ways, times and days to provide employee benefits training
  • Techniques to increase employee retention and improve orientation
  • How to communicate to new employees what they must do when — and how to most effectively use the benefits they receive
  • Clarification strategies for answering even the toughest benefits questions from any employee
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit

HR staff, employee benefits professionals, small business owners and any employee responsible for communicating employee benefits information to employees. With the knowledge learned here, every employee in your organization will benefit from understanding and truly valuing their benefits package!

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