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How to Become a Mindful Leader

One Hour Webinar

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The main focus of an effective and mindful leader is not about telling people what to do. In a study by Forbes, 71% of hiring managers preferred high emotional intelligence over high IQ when searching for potential leaders, citing better listening skills, more thoughtful business decisions and effective conflict resolutions skills. Studies like this have shown that emotional intelligence, assertive empathy and self-awareness can help you navigate a dynamic and diverse workforce. Effectively engage with your employees and understand their needs and motivations in order to cultivate better outcomes for your people.

Why does emotional intelligence and empathetic leadership matter? Because you need to be able to engage with your team in a familiar way that is sincere but still anchored in professionalism. Provide the guidance and support that they need to further their career while increasing their engagement and productive output.

Sign up for this one-hour webinar today to improve your leadership skills. Learn how to communicate, gather feedback and work more collaboratively with your team. Make your influence matter to affect positive change in your company's culture. Gain the skills needed to leverage their motivations towards better results for your organization.

What You Will Learn

  • Adopt greater self-awareness and mindfulness.
  • Develop emotional intelligence skills.
  • Practice objective and reasoned responses to problems.
  • Own and conquer bad working habits.
  • Increase engagement with employees to create better outcomes.
  • Create a collaborative culture where questions are welcome.
  • Apply assertive empathy to deal with conflicts and challenges.
  • Learn new skills that can help manage organizational changes.

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors, business owners, team leaders, executives, project managers — anyone who wants to improve their communication skills, resolve conflicts quickly and respectfully and expand their influence.

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