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How to Avoid Employee Burnout

Identify, assess and address employee and workplace burnout

One Hour Webinar

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According to a recent article in The New York Times, burnout affects more than half of the employee population in the United States. Millions of people struggle with unwanted symptoms including fatigue, decreased work production and poor attitude toward life. Employee burnout is generally viewed as an individual problem — a situation created by time mismanagement and an employee’s inability to handle stress. It turns out that this might not be the case. Studies show time and time again that a company’s culture and unwillingness to support employees is also a contributing factor to burnout. With this 1-hour webinar, company leadership and management can learn and take preventive steps to minimize and prevent employee burnout.

What is employee burnout, and how much do you know about the stressors and triggers that contribute to it? As a manager or team leader, what steps can you take to help mitigate employee burnout?

Until recently, burnout wasn’t acknowledged as a valid occupational phenomenon. Individuals at Stanford researched the effect that burnout has on an organization's health costs and employee mortality rates. They found that workplace stress contributed to nearly $190 billion in healthcare costs and almost 120,000 deaths per year.

Without health and wellness resources or management support, companies experience lower productivity, higher employee turnover and excessive healthcare costs. Don't let employee burnout invade your organization. Now is the time to build your company's strategy to identify, assess and address burnout.

What You'll Learn

  • Define employee burnout.
  • Understand the emotional and financial toll of workplace burnout.
  • Calculate the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) in your company.
  • Identify anxiety, stressors and contributing workplace factors.
  • Learn to spot burnout’s common causes and symptoms.
  • Understand and evaluate six major types of burnout.
  • Discuss dealing with burnout and taking preventative measures.
  • Define benefits of employee flexibility.
  • Keep employees engaged and energized.
  • Learn how to have open conversations about workplace and employee burnout with employees.

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, individual contributors and administrative professionals who work in industries with cyclical crunch periods, high stress or any environment working with others — will benefit from the ideas, techniques and tools offered in this powerful program.

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