How Emotions Drive Decision-Making During a Crisis

One Hour Webinar


Our brain works as a predictive narration machine—it is consistently trying to make sense of all the information it receives, while deciding how to respond. In a crisis, we often don’t have enough information and our brain then begins to project potential outcomes and solutions to keep us safe. As part of this process, the brain attaches emotions like fear, anxiety, joy, stress, gratitude, confusion, relief, sadness, and panic to our decision-making process—which is not always helpful. In this informative and interactive webinar, you will learn how emotions impact our decision-making process and ways to drive long-term results by managing those emotions to move from crisis to positive change.

What You'll Learn

  • How to understand behavioral triggers. 
  • Tips to increase your self-awareness. 
  • Productive ways to manage your behavioral response—and even the response of others. 
  • How to ask calming questions. 
  • Ways to cope and manage stress. 
  • Signals to help understand and convey your emotions, while recognizing the emotions of others.  
  • Methods to increase your emotional agility. 
  • Transformative ideas on how to create and improve connection with others.

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