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How to Handle the Management Problems of a Technical Specialist

Successfully supervise people and projects with effective delegation and clear communication with this technical management training.

One Hour Webinar

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As a technical specialist, you've always been good at managing projects, details, and deadlines. Now that you're in a leadership role, the responsibilities have changed. You're tasked with managing people, personalities, and even office politics — which can be far more challenging. Do you have the skills and confidence necessary to comfortably execute your managerial duties? Could you benefit from enhancing your human relations expertise to match your technical proficiency?

Leadership, management, and supervisory roles pose difficulties for every individual in these positions. But, for technically-minded managers, the challenges can be overwhelming. You're no longer simply responsible for making sure the details and dilemmas are worked out from a technical standpoint; you must also manage others, incorporate their skills to achieve success in your position, and maintain a positive working relationship with people who might not think like you. Clearly, you have your work cut out for you.

Do these situations sound familiar?

  • As a technical manager, you're part of an interdepartmental team that includes managers from your Art and Marketing departments. You must help them understand the widget you have created in order for them to market it to external clients; yet, they seem to be completely missing the brilliance of what you’ve just created. Additionally, they keep asking the dumbest questions …
  • Doug is your newest employee, and he doesn't seem to be catching on quickly. You've tasked him with handling part of an important project, but you're afraid to let him work it out on his own for fear that his inabilities will be a direct reflection on you. You're confident that if you simply took it over, you'd have it finished by lunchtime — but there are so many pressing deadlines competing for your time …
  • You and three other managers report to the same supervisor. You quickly recognize that your supervisor reacts differently to each manager's personality, and that one manager uses office politics to try and influence how decisions are made. You're not used to this "game playing" and feel powerless when it comes to standing up for yourself and your team …

If you are a technical professional faced with managerial situations that frustrate, perplex, or overwhelm you, this hour of insightful training is crucial to your future success. Your technical prowess may have gotten you where you are, but the administrative and interpersonal skills required to minimize turnover, maximize productivity, and maintain morale among your staff are what will keep you moving forward in your career. This program will provide you with practical tips and techniques you can begin implementing the very same day to start easing the leadership challenges you face and enhancing your supervisory status.

The rewards of managing and developing the careers of others are many, but you might have to step way out of your comfort zone. Learn how to ease the transition and achieve the results you’re looking for with this one hour workshop.

With the information provided in this powerful class, you’ll learn how to immediately improve your delegation, communication, and team-building skills. You’ll discover how important it is to break down the common barriers technical professionals face as they grow into their leadership roles. As a result of everything you learn in this course, you’ll be able to improve your effectiveness as a manager, increase your job satisfaction, and experience less stress in the process.

Don’t spend another minute dreading the difficult task of mastering the responsibilities of your leadership role. With the knowledge and know-how you’ll quickly gain from this one-hour webinar, you’ll be able to find a true fit in your managerial position and get the most from the individuals you oversee. Enroll today, and get great training that will have you managing and motivating your team through clear communication and effective delegation.

What You'll Learn

  • Recognize the value of your innate problem-solving skills — and make them work for you in your leadership role
  • Eliminate your need to micro-manage and increase your trust in others (Our delegation techniques will help you let go with confidence!)
  • Reduce the anxiety caused by administrative duties, corporate politics, and people problems
  • Communicate effectively with subordinates, peers, and upper management, regardless of their level of technical expertise
  • Maintain your technical proficiency despite your broad range of additional responsibilities
  • Heighten the learning curve as you take on technical challenges outside your area of expertise
  • Adopt an "achievement-through-influencing-others" mentality, and use it to get results from all types of individuals you come across

Who Will Benefit

This webinar is perfect for programmers, architects, accountants, designers, lab directors, medical technicians, and any technical specialist who manages, trains, or leads technical groups.

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