Great Layout & Design: Tips, Tricks and the Latest Trends

Create eye-catching newsletters, presentations, brochures, ads, fliers and more — with little or no graphic design training

One Hour Webinar


You, too, can create a wide variety of printed documents for your company that look great — and take a fraction of the time to produce — even if you have little or no background in layout and design.

Are you spending time out of your busy day trying to spice up the look of your company newsletter? Do you struggle with finding a layout appropriate for the content of your company's event fliers? Perhaps you're looking for a great way to publicize your organization's next big fundraiser, but you're not sure how to make your design stand out from the competition. If you are responsible for designing any printed material for your organization and have ever found yourself in a creative rut, we're here to help. Is your newsletter communicating internal company information? Does your ad need to have more of a professional tone — or a fun one? What is it that will get your audience to take notice and complete your call to action? We'll help you put your projects in perspective and show you what graphic elements will give your printed pieces maximum impact!

Can you relate to these situations?

  • As a secretary, I've used Microsoft® Word and PowerPoint® for years. Although I'm comfortable with these programs, I just don't have time in my busy schedule to experiment graphically or be creative.

    As a busy office professional, you can't spend valuable hours using the "trial and error" approach to producing reports, presentations, office memos and more. Professionals with all levels of desktop publishing experience will learn about elements of graphic design that really work, while eliminating time wasted on ideas and techniques you'll seldom use.

  • My small company keeps growing, so much so that daily communication with the entire staff is impossible. However, it's important I stay in touch. How do I choose between creating a traditional paper newsletter or putting information up on a company website or Intranet?

    With so many options for distributing information in today's office environment, how do you know what's best for a particular type of communication? In this webinar, we'll summarize the differences, advantages and drawbacks of each medium. You can watch and learn how to use graphics to grab your audience's attention and keep them interested in your material.

  • Many of the reports I prepare for our company meetings are dry, containing mostly financial data. I'd like to make them more interesting, but I'm not even sure if that's possible!

    Using graphics appropriately can enhance even the most lackluster topics — making them more powerful and easier for your audience to digest. We'll provide you with techniques for arranging virtually any information to make it more relevant and readable, including number-filled reports.

With the powerful tips, tricks and trends provided in this one-hour webinar, you will be able to understand what characterizes good design and how easily you can achieve it, starting the next time you have to look at a blank piece of paper. Regardless of your job responsibilities or skill level, this exciting program will provide you with the fundamental knowledge you need to create dynamic, effective designs that reach your audience and get results!

Don't spend another day struggling to turn your blank page into great design. With the tips and techniques provided in online graphic design courses you will be equipped with a working knowledge of what goes into good design — and how to produce professional-looking layouts every time.

What You'll Learn

  • How to use graphic elements to encourage quick action from your audience
  • Ways to make your type "talk" — how to use fonts and typeface to create your desired "voice"
  • The secrets of arranging your page to follow the eye's natural path
  • Where to position your most important and least important points — and overcome people's resistance to reading
  • The graphic elements that work best with specific types of communication and where to find them

Who Will Benefit

Small business owners, administrative staff, HR professionals, public relations and promotional staff, event planners — anyone and everyone who is responsible for designing in-house projects or any type of business communication!

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