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Great Grammar and Painless Proofreading

Get a firm grip on grammar rules and learn to proofread with confidence and efficiency

One Hour Webinar

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Every day you work with words. Whether you're emailing colleagues and coworkers, crafting your next proposal or creating business presentations, it is imperative that you utilize proper grammar and appropriate word choice to convey your message in a way that gets results — and enhances your professional credibility. Are you confident in your business grammar and comfortable with standard proofreading practices or could you use a refresher to polish your skills?

With the complexity of English grammar and the endless "to-do" list on your desk, it can be frustrating and overwhelming to proofread and edit your business communication. If you're unsure of what to say and how to say it, worried that you're letting foolish mistakes slip through the cracks or intimidated by the proofreading process, you're not alone. Now, you can boost your confidence and learn to create crisp, clear, mistake-proof business documentswith ease — and in half the time — with the skills you'll learn in this fun, fast-paced hour of training.

Would you benefit from the knowledge and know-how needed to:

  • Catch the grammar mistakes that compromise your credibility?
  • Identify commonly misused words and learn to use them correctly?
  • Determine how style and voice affect your message?
  • Understand those grammar rules you learned back in school, but aren't confident you can apply accurately?
  • Discover tips and techniques to simplify proofreading and enhance your productivity?
  • Ensure your message is interpreted the way you meant it to be?
  • Become a more confident, capable communicator?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the questions above, enroll today in this power-packed one-hour webinar. We'll keep the course engaging and effective, providing you with the tips and techniques you need to make quick work of proofreading and ensure you deliver polished, professional communication every time. No longer will you have to sweat over spelling errors, grammar goofs and costly, careless writing mistakes. Get on track to deliver written documents that carry more clout, keep readers interested and get real results — every time.

Don't spend another day struggling to employ excellent grammar and proofread with perfection. Brush up on your business English, familiarize yourself with important writing rules and gain a renewed sense of confidence in your ability to turn out accurate and professional documents every time!

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the 11 most important grammar rules every professional should know
  • Identify misplaced modifiers, parallelism problems and passive voice and eliminate these stylistic no-no’s from your communication
  • Avoid the 10 most misused words found frequently in written documents
  • Create a "watch list" to help easily identify verbal tics and problem words found in your writing
  • Edit for style and understand the importance not only of what is said, but also how it's said
  • Improve your proofing and editing skills and implement what you learn in your next business document
  • Develop a company style sheet that simplifies proofing and ensures consistency throughout your organization

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, administrative professionals and every member of your organization can improve their grammar and proofreading skills; and gain respect, confidence and credibility.

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