Getting Started with Google Docs

Use the Google Docs' sharing service to increase your team's productivity.

One Hour Webinar


In today's business world, we need to be able to access and share information quickly without the cost of expensive software or networking office computers.

Wouldn't it be nice to:

  • Access documents through your phone or computer anytime, anywhere?
  • Create, store and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms through your web browser?

Your solution is a Google Docs training workshop. This class will discuss the cloud computing office suite that centrally hosts your documents and how it makes it easy to store, save or share with co-workers, clients and yourself anytime, anywhere.

In an age where technology has become a way of life, there's no need to be left in the dark. With this Google Docs course, working outside of the office will be easier and more efficient. Come to this informative program and see what you're missing!

What You'll Learn

  • Many features including file management, collaborating and productivity tips
  • Pros and cons of using Google Docs
  • Document security
  • Importing documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • And much more

Who Will Benefit

Work from home employees, frequent travelers, sales professionals and business professionals who are on-the-go or sometimes away from their office computers should not miss out on this webinar.

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