The Exceptional Secretary, Administrative Professional and Executive Assistant

One Hour Webinar

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In a world disrupted by viral pandemic and rapid technological change, the importance of an exceptional administrative assistant has never been greater. More than ever before, the workplace is a dynamically changing environment that requires an equally dynamic administrative professional to succeed. This webinar provides you with the techniques, skills and procedures necessary to succeed and flourish in this ever-changing business environment. Remote or in the office, this webinar allows you to negotiate and navigate communication and planning across multiple teams, clients and contacts- expertly and efficiently.

Learn to be assertive, direct, efficient and effective in your day-to-day tasks and project planning. Master juggling tasks from multiple touchpoints while prioritizing your time and energy. Develop and present solutions to situations before they become problems. Discover how to find challenges and opportunities that you can turn into victories and push your career opportunities to the next level.

What You'll Learn

  • Identify the difference between doing a job and building a career.
  • Prioritize workloads and tasking.
  • Acquire to manage daily stress.
  • Effectively persuade and influence others to their way of thinking.
  • Demonstrate assertiveness in a variety of communication situations.
  • Implement problem-solving skills/crisis management skills.
  • Build a strong manager-assistant relationship.
  • Prioritize demands of multiple supervisors and projects.
  • Learn ways to communicate with ease.
  • Develop strategies for effective delegation.
  • Discover problem-solving and crisis management.

Who Will Benefit

Receptionists, office managers, administrative assistants, executive assistants and anyone managing administrative logistics assertively and efficiently.

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