Electronic Record Keeping for HR Professionals

Smoothly transition your organization's personnel documents into a secure and organized electronic environment

One Hour Webinar


Being tasked with managing your organization's files and records can be intimidating. As new laws and regulations pass that dictate what you must keep and for how long, as well as what information must be destroyed and how, the responsibility can seem overwhelming. With so much information and such strict procedures for handling it all, are you confident that you have an electronic records program in place that satisfies the needs of your organization while meeting legal compliance standards?

The process of organizing, storing, archiving and destroying your organization's critical business documents is one that can't be taken lightly. It's imperative that you can decipher which information should be kept electronically and what checks need to be in place to keep that data secure. Not only is it important to know what information is stored and where, you must confidently keep your records management program in compliance with government regulations to protect your organization. With just one misstep, you could find yourself in legal jeopardy and risk fines, investigation and possible litigation.

In addition to ensuring all your personnel records are kept safely and efficiently, you must be able to adapt to changing regulations seamlessly and keep all of your information, policies and procedures current. Clearly, as a busy HR professional, you have your work cut out for you — but knowing where to start is half the battle.

Are you familiar with:

  • Current cases involving electronic records that could affect your records management system?
  • Why emails and voicemails can be critical records retention topics?
  • Safeguards for monitoring and retaining Web content?
  • Physical storage considerations for different types of media?
  • Tips and techniques for developing effective policies and procedures that support your records management system?
  • How to handle records management decisions for disaster recovery?

If you took pause with even one item listed above, this one-hour webinar is just what you need to assess the state of your electronic records and create a successful program moving forward. With the information provided in this powerful program, discover strategies and techniques for planning, developing and implementing an electronic records management system that streamlines the storage and access of all your business-critical information — while keeping your organization legally compliant.

Don't let what you don't know harm you or your organization and put you in legal hot water! Now, more than ever, it is absolutely critical that you maintain accurate records, be able to access them immediately and store and dispose of them properly. This workshop offers a "crash course" on everything you need to develop an electronic records management program, keep your system up-to-date and ensure that you're maintaining legal compliance.

Sign up today for this informative class and get great training you can use to ensure your electronic records management program is efficient, effective and up-to-date. In just one hour, gain the insights you need to get a handle on your business-critical electronic information — and maintain legal compliance along the way!

What You'll Learn

  • Recognize commonly used terminology for electronic records
  • Identify which electronic records need to be managed — and ensure you have the proper methods in place to do so
  • Take and improve measures that guide retention of Web content and removable media
  • Compare record storage media
  • Develop a cost benefit analysis for document imaging options
  • Create a procedures checklist for maintaining effective policies and ensuring employee awareness
  • Take a self-assessment to determine some of the challenges facing your organization's retention and destruction of electronic records
  • Enact a plan to recover vital records in case of disaster

Who Will Benefit

HR staff, records management professionals, small business owners and every employee responsible for developing and/or maintaining effective records retention, access and destruction programs can also benefit from this information-packed program!

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