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The Dos & Don'ts of Records Retention and Destruction

Critical information on what to keep, what to eliminate and ways to avoid legal risk

One Hour Webinar

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The organization has amassed a jumble of records and files, both paper and electronic, that needs to be managed and maintained. With so much information, how do you know which documents, files and records to keep, which to destroy and how long to keep them?

The process of organizing, storing, archiving and destroying an organization's critical human resources-related documents can be very daunting. Not only is it important to know what information is stored and where, it's imperative that a records management program keeps the organization in compliance with government regulations. With just one misstep, you could be putting the organization in legal jeopardy and risk fines, investigation and possible litigation. Do your employees know your procedure for file maintenance?

Don't spend one more day struggling to weed through crammed file cabinets, boxes of CDs or old hard drives looking for the information needed! Create a records management system that streamlines the storage and access of all critical employment information — and keeps you legally compliant!

This power-packed, one-hour event will deliver the basics and help uncover specific strategies. Develop a records retention and destruction process to save time and effort in retrieving, archiving and destroying documents.

  • Make sure that electronic and paper documents will be better organized for easier, swifter access
  • Ask questions to help determine how important or sensitive a particular record is
  • Establish policy on various types of electronic records, including email, IM, web content and more
  • Recognize a variety of government organizations and resources that can help create a system that works for the organization
  • Understand the differences in procedures that should be taken for paper vs. electronic files
  • Determine when keeping too much can be just as harmful as keeping too little

This webinar will give you a crash course on what’s needed to create a compliant HR records management program, how to keep the program up-to-date and ensure that employees implement the policies and procedures initiated. Keep the company running smoothly and efficiently, while maintaining legal compliance!

The Dos and Don'ts of Records Retention and Destruction will help you take control of your files, documents and data and save time and potential hassle down the road. Gain the insights needed to get a handle on classifying records, files and documents and determine whether to keep vs. eliminate — without risking any legal repercussions!

What You'll Learn

  • How to determine record importance and sensitivity
  • Guidelines for access, retrieval and storage of both paper and electronic files
  • The dos and don'ts of disposal
  • The lifecycle of a record — how to determine a record's retention and storage period
  • Why email, voicemail and IMs may qualify as records
  • Safeguards for web content — including blogs, cookies and more — and how it may affect security of information
  • The risks of removable media and the benefits of monitoring copy, scanner and fax use
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit

Human resources professionals, small business owners and any employee responsible for developing and/or maintaining an effective HR records retention, access and destruction program.

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