Disability Plan Administration- Minimize the Risk of Litigation

Administer a disability plan in your organization and avoid legal pitfalls

One Hour Webinar


Administrators of long-term disability plans covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”) must apply this very complex and detailed statute and interpret lengthy plans to make a benefits decision. Have you been “reinventing the wheel” each time a claim is made? Are you researching websites for hours trying to interpret and apply this complex law?

Mistakes in the claims process can even result in personal liability when the plan administrator breaches fiduciary responsibilities. The administrator has many complex questions to answer and must have the technical knowledge necessary to answer these questions within the reasonable timeframes provided by the law.

  • What must a claimant prove to be entitled to disability benefits?
  • How much time does the plan administrator have to make a decision on a claim?
  • What documents is the plan administrator allowed to request of the claimant to prove disability?
  • Can approved benefits ever terminate if a claimant is no longer disabled?
  • When can a plan administrator deny disability benefits?

In this webinar, you will learn to efficiently and effectively administer claims for disability benefits covered by ERISA and prevent costly mistakes that can lead to litigation of an adverse benefits determination. Enroll now and learn to minimize the risks associated with the administration of disability benefits and standardize your process of reviewing claims.

What You'll Learn

  • What types of claims qualify as “disability claims” under a plan
  • How to review the Summary Plan Description in a disability benefits policy
  • How to determine and count ERISA time limits for evaluating a claim for disability benefits and making a decision regarding the approval of a claim
  • Claimant and plan administrator rights and responsibilities in the filing of a disability benefits claim
  • What documentation a plan administrator may require from a claimant as part of processing a claim for disability benefits
  • The plan administrator’s notice requirements to an employee under ERISA when making an adverse benefits determination
  • The plan administrator’s and claimant’s rights and responsibilities in the appeal of a disability benefits claim
  • The standards of review applied in litigation of disability benefits
  • decision, including when the decision maker is a “conflicted administrator”
  • Steps to take to avoid costly litigation of adverse benefits determinations
  • Who Will Benefit

    HR professionals, legal department, small business owners, finance professionals, administrative professionals and anyone who is involved with long-term disability plans.

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