Creative Ways to Reward and Motivate Employees

Encourage strong employee performance with simple low-cost and no-cost rewards

One Hour Webinar

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Keeping employees motivated and encouraging them to reach their full potential is challenge enough. Often, the daily demands of the workplace take precedence over proactive leadership. With continually decreasing budgets and so little time for creativity, it can be difficult to find the time and resources needed to truly recognize and reward employees the right way.

Research has shown that a growing number of employees feel undervalued and often cite that as a major factor in their decisions to quit their jobs. Most managers and supervisors are aware that reward and recognition matter to employees — but even those with the best intentions find themselves struggling for the time to recognize those who deserve it, as well as the financial means to do so.

Despite what some people think, managers and supervisors — as well as entire teams and organizations — are often the real beneficiaries of employees who feel sufficiently recognized for their contributions. Instances of discord, drama and lackluster performance start to decrease. Teamwork improves and results are achieved…everyone is happier and therefore working more effectively!

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So why does it seem like a task to give your employees the motivation they need to achieve peak performance? With increasing strains on time and money, even the most well-intentioned managers and supervisors struggle to fit employee rewards into their schedule.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Janice has been staying late and working extremely hard for weeks to meet an important project deadline. For meeting the deadline and exceeding expectations, you plan on doing something special for her the very next day.

You arrive at work the next morning only to find something has come up that needs your immediate attention. After a day full of putting out fires, you remember you never recognized Janice’s efforts and the next time you see her she has a sour disposition. According to the office grapevine, she has told her coworkers that her efforts have gone unrecognized. You notice a definite drop in team morale.

You had the best of intentions, but one lost opportunity to praise and thank an employee has turned into a problem that is plaguing your team. How can you avoid situations like these and become a proactive leader with a strong team that is willing to go the extra mile?

It's time to go beyond simply thinking about providing feedback and recognition to those employees who deserve it most. Take action today, with low-cost or even no-cost rewards that will make all the difference!

With low- and no-cost ways and a bit of creative thinking, you can truly make a little go a long way and enjoy the benefits of a happier, more productive team. Surprisingly enough, no-cost rewards are often those sought most by employees, so recognizing a good day's work might be easier than you think!

After implementing the ideas from this powerful and exciting one-hour webinar, you will know how to motivate your employees to do their best, even on little or no money. Don't miss out! Get great training that will allow you to transform your appreciation for your team into a lower turnover rate while boosting overall productivity and job satisfaction!

What You'll Learn

  • Identify the types of rewards employees value most
  • Understand the importance of everyday rewards and utilize them to maximum benefit
  • Recognize when and how to reward individuals
  • Determine when and how to reward teams collectively
  • Utilize a variety of rewards, including intangibles such as training, advice, tools, security and appreciation where they matter most
  • Tap into your creativity to determine a rewards program that works best for your team and your organization!

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, HR and benefits professionals, project managers, business owners and executives … anyone who seeks sustained employee peak performance and wants to recognize and reward employees the right way!

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