Creating Leads Through Social Media

Successfully turn social media sites into platforms for reaching potential clients

One Hour Webinar


Successful sales and marketing professionals know that increasing the number of potential customers you communicate with is crucial. But let's face it; there are only so many calls or visits you can make.

With social media's constant connection, you could be building better client relationships and receiving calls — instead of making them. In this power-packed webinar, you'll discover how easy it is to keep in touch with clients, make them feel appreciated, build customer loyalty, and generate new leads.

When considering social media as a sales tool, do you worry about:

  • What platforms you should be using and how to get registered?
  • How often to contact customers and what you should communicate?
  • The ratio between online small talk and hard sell?
  • The best techniques for growing a virtual professional relationship?
  • Whether it's too time-consuming to manage the different sites?
  • Strategies to keep customers coming back to check out your new updates?

If you answered "yes" to even one of the questions above, you owe it to yourself to register for this one-hour social media lead generation training course!

Learn approaches and tactics that will help you effectively implement a successful social media strategy that reaches thousands of potential customers constantly.

With just a one hour workshop, Creating Leads Through Social Media will teach you to effectively widen your customer pool, create leads, keep in constant communication, and increase your sales revenue through social media! Enroll in our class today!

What You'll Learn

  • Approaches to convert social media contacts into profitable business clients
  • How to create professional Facebook® pages, Twitter® hashtags, and LinkedIn® profiles
  • Different strategic approaches for varying social media platforms
  • Ways to make it easy to refer your information to other potential clients
  • Guidelines to utilize customer reviews and testimonies to build credibility
  • Tips to engage prospective clients and quickly turn conversations into sales
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit

Sales managers, sales staff, marketing professionals, supervisors, team leaders, account executives, business owners, and anyone else who wants to learn effective social media strategies for converting potential online customers into solid revenue.

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