Control Chaos and Clear out the Clutter

Simple routines to get organized at work

One Hour Webinar


Don't let disorganization keep you from succeeding at work and in life!

You have many positive attributes that lend themselves to success. You're smart. You work hard. You're good at what you do. People turn to you for answers, and you gladly assist them. So why do you feel so "scattered"?

Even the best and the brightest become overwhelmed when work gets chaotic. When the pressure is on, all of your energy is spent putting out fires, chasing deadlines and just trying to get tasks completed to the best of your ability. Eventually, clutter starts piling up around you and contributes to the chaos of your days. You feel as if you're slowly losing control…

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Your in-box fills up. Your desk is strewn with files, books, office supplies and other odds and ends. You can't find the form you need to send to the New York office. You've lost Mr. Johnson's phone number. When you walk into your workspace in the morning, your heart sinks because everything is such a mess. How can you be productive in such a pit?!

Does this scenario sound familiar? Maybe you think you know how to get out from under the clutter and take back control of your workday, but can you confidently answer the following questions?

  • What is the most efficient way to determine what happens to the papers in your in-box?
  • Where should you store time-sensitive documents?
  • Are you using a "mini agenda" to cut wasted time out of your day?
  • Do you have an effective to-do list?

If you're unsure about even one of your answers, you need to attend this program to be sure you are organizing your workspace for optimal usage. This powerful 1-hour webinar is an investment that can help you get organized — and stay organized, even when the going gets tough.

Studies show a psychological connection between lack of clutter and a more peaceful existence — at work and at home. If your space is cluttered, you simply can't function at an optimal level. You're not necessarily looking to become a neat freak, but you would like to be organized enough to know where things are when you need them, right? Wouldn't you like to be able to use the surface of your desk for something other than storage?

Don't let chaos and clutter keep you from maximizing your productivity any longer!

Every individual in your organization who needs help eliminating clutter and getting organized will benefit from this exciting and informative 1-hour webinar! Don't miss out! Get great training that will allow you to be more focused, productive and efficient. Experience the peace of mind you will feel in an uncluttered, organized workspace!

What You'll Learn

  • Decide what to do with every piece of paper that hits your in-box
  • File time-sensitive documents (plane tickets, bills, reminders) effectively
  • Use a "mini agenda" to cut the time you spend on the phone
  • Reap the benefits of a well-crafted to-do list
  • Walk away from your desk at the end of the day without dreading returning to it in the morning!

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, assistants, project managers … everyone can benefit from the clever organizational tips and techniques shared in this training!

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