Conquering Procrastination to Enhance Mental Endurance and Productivity

One Hour Webinar

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Is it difficult to focus on tasks that take longer than 30 minutes? Do you find yourself constantly completing assignments minutes before they are due? Does it seem like projects are stacking up and taking too much time? You’re not alone; according to Scientific Research Publishing , approximately 15-20% of the adult population are chronic procrastinators. This lack of motivation can cost both you and your organization thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

What if there’s a way to increase your mental endurance? Research scientists are discovering that the ability to perform a sustained task is a developed skill. One that can increase overall job performance and ability to focus if you exercise and harness it correctly.

Researchers believe that procrastination is the brain's natural way of evading stress while you simultaneously reassess what is important. Surprisingly, the part of the brain that causes procrastination is also the part of the brain that reminds you that dinner is in the oven, you must pick up your kids at 3 PM or that you are hungry. Without that function, you could potentially get stuck in a task for hours without any regard for other responsibilities.

The key to conquering procrastination lies in understanding the mechanisms behind procrastination. Once you have control of those mechanisms, you can harness and develop mental endurance by categorizing tasks as well as managing tempo and work pace to meet those tasks.

Sign up for this one-hour webinar and learn to increase your mental endurance and conquer procrastination. Learn the "why" behind productivity dilemmas and techniques you can implement to overcome procrastination while increasing your mental endurance and work productivity.

What You Will Learn

  • Plan out your workspace for efficiency.
  • Limit distractions to improve effectiveness.
  • Conquer the five common fears in the workplace that impact mental endurance.
  • Balance and manage critical tasks with random tasks.
  • Define priorities and daily goals.
  • Discover why you procrastinate and lose focus.
  • Learn to spot and stop bad coping habits.
  • Explore productivity techniques: Pomodoro, “Desktime” and Ultradian work rhythms.

Who will Benefit

Any professional who wants to gain control over productivity in life both professionally and personally.

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