Confronting Workplace Conflict

How to understand and neutralize toxic people and impossible situations

One Hour Webinar


Is conflict running rampant in your workplace?

If allowed to grow unchecked, conflict in the workplace drags down morale, creates tension and frustration, gets in the way of productivity and poisons work relationships. Clearly, you want to reduce the amount of conflict occurring in your workplace, but what is the best way to go about it?

How do you deal with aggressive behavior, negative attitudes, excessive sarcasm, hidden agendas and other sources of workplace conflict in a positive, healthy, productive fashion? How can you defuse "hot button" situations, calm explosive personalities and exercise damage control — without losing confidence and composure in the process?

Confronting Workplace Conflict is an exciting, power-packed webinar designed to help you handle the inevitable conflicts that arise at work — assertively, calmly and rationally. You'll master tools and techniques for keeping a firm hold on your emotions, communicating more effectively and defusing volatile situations before they become a free-for-all. You'll discover how to analyze different types of conflict situations, so that you can respond accordingly. You'll learn to identify "difficult" and "toxic" worker personalities and understand how they facilitate conflict. And you'll discover practical, proven solutions for creating a more harmonious, collaborative workplace "community" — all in just one intensive hour!

Special Section — Dealing with the Jerks at Work

Some people just rub you the wrong way; their personalities are abrasive, their tempers are short, their work ethic is lacking — in short, they are "jerks at work." We'll show you how to keep your cool, maintain control and keep your own emotions in check, while dealing productively with the worst the "jerks" can dish out!

Anger, hurt, blame and lost productivity are direct results of conflict — but they don't have to be. This webinar will show you how to manage conflict more effectively, focus on finding solutions and reaching compromises and keep the lines of communication open and flowing. It's an hour that is exceptionally well-spent. You won't believe how many super ideas, techniques and solutions you will come away with — and how much more tranquil and cooperative your workplace will become!

Don't miss your chance to attend this webinar! Sign-up today and learn to handle even the most frustrating workplace conflicts with ease! In just one hour, you'll master proven strategies, tools and methods for managing conflicts, disagreements and misunderstandings more effectively. Don't let unchecked anger, out-of-control emotions or toxic personalities rule your workplace for another minute!

What You'll Learn

  • Build more effective, more assertive communication skills
  • Understand how personality styles affect conflict — and adjust your actions accordingly
  • Use Active, Rephrasing and Reflective listening skills to facilitate better communication
  • Generate multiple solutions to get to the root of conflicts and defuse them
  • Stop getting into confrontations that don't solve problems and start communicating your way toward constructive solutions
  • Deal with put-downs, sarcasm and less-than-flattering remarks in a way that gives you the upper hand
  • Defuse volatile situations before they escalate into full-scale confrontations
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit

Supervisors and managers, team leaders, project managers, HR staff, administrative personnel — every member of your organization who has had to address or witness conflict in the workplace!

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