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Support for the Home Office: Strategies for Communicating and Assisting Employees during the COVID-19 Quarantine

One Hour Webinar

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The COVID-19 Quarantine has impacted work in an unprecedented way. Many employees simply showed up to work one day, only to learn they needed to pack up their desks and move their home office in record time. As we continue to socially distance, we’ve learned the increased importance of being in constant communication with online meetings, chat rooms, shared document files and more. While we’re all still scrambling and learning, let’s focus our energies on synching our communication and supporting one another from remote workspaces with this impactful webinar. From communication fundamentals and best practices to the legalities of communicating in these challenging times, this session is certain to transform the way you and your team communicate and help one another succeed.

What You'll Learn

  • Effective ways to use group webinars, social platforms and other media to communicate with employees. 
  • Best practices for activating text, email and phone alerts. 
  • Ways to identify who needs help and how to offer support. 
  • Fundamentals of password protection for chats, documents, forms, files, emails and more. 
  • Methods to employ Chain-of-Command to disseminate timely information.  
  • How to ensure every step you take is legally sound and compliant when it comes to managing communications during this time. 

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