Coaching Skills - Beyond Basic Supervision

Develop skills to help your team grow and evolve with this coaching skills training

One Hour Webinar


Are you struggling with employee engagement? Do you wonder what motivates your team? Do you want to help your exceptional employees realize their full potential?

You’re not alone. Countless managers struggle every day with those same issues. Every day managers work with divided teams, problem players and frustrated top performers. You have the will and desire to make a difference but lack the tools and know how. The goal is to inspire or weed out the weak links, guide and develop your stars and build strong, cohesive bonds among the members of your team. You want to go beyond just supervising them and possess the tools to coach your staff to success.

We can help.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. In one short hour we can show you how to adjust your strategies and provide new tactics to get your team on track. Supervision is about tasks and timetables. It’s about making sure the job gets done correctly and by the rules. Managing and coaching are about helping your workforce grow and evolve. It’s about unleashing your team’s potential.

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This one-hour webinar divides the most current information available into five main focus areas. You are provided with tips and techniques you can take back to your desk and utilize right away, so you can get started improving your team as soon as the event is over.

Five Essential Elements of Coaching

  1. Communicate Correctly: Learn communication secrets and pitfalls to avoid in order to keep your top performers happy while making sure your problem employees know exactly where they stand.
  2. Master Motivation: Discover tips to empower employees while also making them accountable for their actions. This will ensure worry-free delegation that builds confidence and engagement while freeing you up for other tasks.
  3. Counsel Compassionately: Identify hints for when your employees need a good listener, when they need a problem-solver and when you need to seek outside resources to help a troubled team member.
  4. Choose Wisely: Some situations require quick decision making but you want to be right more often than wrong. Learn how to boost your odds of making good calls where your employees are concerned.
  5. Use Wisely: Sometimes it’s not just who is on your team, but if and how you’re utilizing their talents. Learn some quick tips to make sure you have the right people and that they’re doing the right things.

If you're unsure about any of these objectives, this program is a must-attend for optimal team functionality. This powerful one-hour webinar is a worthwhile investment that can help you avoid costly employee turnover, improve team performance and minimize negative employee confrontations.

Don't despair of ever figuring out how to mentor or motivate your team. Gain the skills you need to turn every interaction into a coaching opportunity for enhancing employee development, building team morale and becoming a better manager.

You and your entire team will benefit from this informative and exciting one-hour CareerTrack webinar. Stop struggling – get great training that will help you elevate your team to the top in no time.

What You'll Learn

  • Identify the communication methods that work best to help you talk to your team.
  • Empower and engage your employees by discovering what motivates them.
  • Be a resource for your employees when they are struggling and come to you for help.
  • Discover ways to boost your good judgment and decision-making to make better choices about your employees.
  • Make sure you have the right people doing the right jobs on your team.

Who Will Benefit

HR managers, department managers and supervisors and anyone who is involved with employee development and growth or who needs a greater understanding of the employee development process.

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