Canadian HR Law 2021

One Hour Webinar

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Ensure your organization is managing HR legally and ethically with this training geared toward the Canadian province of Alberta. Gain a new perspective on HR challenges with new tools for meeting them confidently and legally.

From managing your obligations towards violence and harassment to regulations for interviewing and hiring, employers confront a wide array of employment and labour law issues. Avoid unnecessary costs, fines and headaches as you learn how to efficiently deal with the regulatory landscape of Canadian HR labour laws.

As an HR professional, you constantly face labour law and employment issues that could leave your company legally unprotected. Take on that challenge with continuing education that keeps you informed of the latest legal changes, along with the most ethical employment practices. In this webinar, we will dive into employment and labour law issues while providing processes and best practices for dealing with important HR-related matters. Ensure you know and understand the latest HR laws with this course.

What You'll Learn

  • The dos and don’ts of basic Canadian labour laws as they apply to HR.
  • The most current and up-to-date employment legislation for each province.
  • Strategies for recruiting and onboarding new hires — how to avoid discrimination and make the best hire.
  • How to legally test an employee's aptitude and abilities.
  • Ways to conduct random drug and alcohol testing in the workplace.
  • Common mistakes employers make when disciplining employees.
  • The importance of wage, vacation and overtime practices.
  • Methods for developing, interpreting and delivering company policies and why they are important.
  • Steps to create a legally sound documentation system such as Employment Agreements and Employee Handbooks.

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