Bad E-mail Habits: What Message Are You Sending?

Eliminate embarrassing mistakes that damage your organization's credibility.

One Hour Webinar

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Each time you click "send," the e-mail being delivered says a lot about you and your organization. Are you practicing appropriate e-mail etiquette, or are your e-mails conveying messages that are hurting your reputation and credibility?

Over the past decade, technology has become increasingly prevalent in our day-to-day lives, but how many of us have ever learned appropriate techniques for online business communication? Very few online users have been provided any formal training, basic guidance or education on proper practices for online business activities, including e-mail etiquette.

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More and more businesses are discovering the importance of establishing specific corporate guidelines regarding e-mail practices. There is an assumed informality surrounding e-mail usage, but e-mail is no different than any other form of business communication. Your contacts form opinions about you and your business based on your e-mail communications and how you use technology. Improper e-mail usage can give someone the perception that you lack education, have limited experience with technology or lack credibility. Mastering your e-mail skills can go a long way toward forging the most professional image you can with potential clients, existing customers and anyone else you communicate with via e-mail.

Are you confident that you can do all of the following?

  • Make sure your e-mails are being opened — and responded to promptly
  • Use "To," "Cc," "Bcc" and "Reply to All" properly — and avoid being perceived as annoying or lazy!
  • Avoid alienating business contacts by taking appropriate care in sending attachments
  • Know when to start a new e-mail instead of replying to an old one
  • Save time by efficiently responding to e-mail
  • Forge strong work relationships and better overall communication with colleagues, bosses, contractors, vendors and others through proper e-mail habits

If you're unsure about even one of these objectives, you need to attend this program to be sure you are communicating just what you're intending. This powerful 1-hour Webinar is a worthwhile investment that can help you, your team, and your entire organization eliminate embarrassing and potentially costly, damaging mistakes from your business e-mail communications.

Bad E-mail Habits: What Message Are You Sending? will teach you how to use technology properly to make the best impression you can with potential clients and other business contacts.

Don't spend another day sending e-mail that can put off, offend, and even alienate those with whom you do business. Get the great training you need to ensure you are communicating exactly what you intend and getting the responses you desire. Enroll in this 1-hour Webinar today, and become a more refined and effective e-mail user immediately!

What You'll Learn

  • 8 irrefutable truths of effective e-mails
  • 2 sure-fire ways to ensure your e-mails are never read (or taken seriously) and 11 documents and files that never belong on office e-mail
  • How busy professionals really feel about jokes, quotes and other e-clutter
  • How to decide the most effective format for your communication — body of e-mail, attachment or hard copy
  • Cyberspace confidentiality and security — up-to-date approaches and solutions to managing your messages
  • What to keep, what to delete and how to effectively file for future reference
  • Steps for eliminating excessive e-mail in the office
  • Easy e-mail shortcuts that will save time and increase reader response
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit

Managers and supervisors, customer service representatives, sales and marketing professionals, administrative staff — anyone and everyone who frequently uses e-mail in the course of doing business!

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