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Recording from event on 06/19/2012

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Generating leads is essential in moving the sales process forward and helping your organization profit. Learning the professional skills and techniques to generate high quality sales leads is the best investment you can make in your business.

Strong lead generation begins with generating interest in the services and products you and your organization offer. In this workshop, we will show you how to design, implement and make lead generation ideas work together.

No business can grow without generating leads. After just one hour of lead generation training, you will be better prepared to help your organization increase profits with great sales. Enroll in this program today!

What You'll Learn

  • Research techniques to assist in designing your lead generation plan
  • Ways to turn your website into a self-sufficient lead generator
  • Networking techniques
  • Advertising and promotions that will lure buyers
  • How to utilize search engine optimization (SEO)
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit

Sales and marketing professionals, business owners and anyone interested in learning how to generate leads will benefit from this webinar.

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