Assertive Communication Skills for Managers

Gain the credibility and respect you deserve — and get the positive results you want

One Hour Webinar


Do you find it difficult to provide direction to your employees without coming across as bossy or overbearing? Do you struggle to find the right words to motivate others without sounding desperate? With a strong handle on how to effectively use assertive communication skills, every manager can learn to take a positive approach to leading employees toward success while maintaining a balanced and productive team.

Managers generally fall into one of three groups — aggressive, passive or assertive. Those who are too aggressive may be successful in completing short-term goals, but often struggle to maintain positive relationships with their employees over time. Managers who are too passive have no problem building relationships, but find it challenging to motivate others and solve problems. It's assertive managers that have the ability to provide guidance to their employees to get the job done while commanding respect.

An organization's success depends on its managers' ability to lead, and this leadership is a combination of their communication skills, ability to build relationships and composure when handling conflict. Managers, who can find a balance between aggressive and passive management styles will build bridges, mend fences and lead your organization confidently and effectively.

Are you confident that you can do all of the following?

  • Communicate with tact and professionalism
  • Defuse volatile situations when conflict arises
  • Motivate others to accomplish a common goal
  • Maintain positive, professional relationships
  • Present your ideas, plans and strategies in a clear and effective way
  • Keep everyone focused and on task

If you question your ability to perform any one of these tasks, this program is for you! During this dynamic hour of training, you will learn the skills needed to get your point across, keep employees happy and complete the tasks at hand more smoothly and successfully than ever before. Invest in this power-packed webinar to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to improve your skills, enhance your team and achieve real results for your organization.

Assertive Communication Skills for Managers will teach you how to be the most effective manager by fine-tuning your communication skills, your ability to interact with others and your conflict management strategies.

An effective manager is one who knows how to push the right buttons and motivate without being pushy and overbearing and without begging or pleading. This one-hour webinar will help you find a balanced, assertive management style that generates the most out of your employees and helps get the job done right every time. Enroll today and become a more successful, confident and respected manager within your organization!

What You'll Learn

  • Identify key differences between aggressive, assertive and passive communication
  • Discover how your behavior impacts your performance as a manager
  • Determine how to identify and remove communication barriers (real vs. perceived)
  • Utilize persuasive communication techniques to take control of a situation without alienating others
  • Adapt your communication style to that of your audience — whether it's one person or 100
  • Pinpoint the cause of your non-assertive behavior
  • Implement strategies to build immediate rapport using active listening and collaboration skills
  • Recognize a number of different ways to help others focus on issues — instead of personalities — to get the job done right the first time
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors, business owners, team leaders, executives, project managers — anyone who wants to improve their communication skills, resolve conflicts quickly and respectfully and expand their influence!

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