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"I have been a member of Fred Pryor for almost three years now and I have yet to attend a class that didn't have valuable information that would benefit my company and/or our employees."

— Teri M.

"Excellent!! As always, Fred Pryor's courses are easy to follow, very informative and presented in a format that keeps your attention!!"

— Cynthia S.

"I enjoy all of the seminars that I attend through the Fred Pryor Training Rewards program. They are very informative and the instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful."

— Tasha M.

"Excellent info for all levels of users. There are always things to add to your "bag of tricks"."

— Wendy S.

"Wow! I have taken many wonderful courses through Fred Pryor; this one takes the cake!!"

— Dana N.

"Top notch! Thank you Fred Pryor, this is the best investment my boss could have made."

— Lewis C.

"I received a lot of great information in this training. Several co-workers went with me which was a great help for me to start implementing some of the changes we need to do at the office. It was very eye opening for them to realize the things that we need to do at the office. It was very eye opening for them to realize the things that need to get to me. It was like Fred Pryor and the trainer had my back!"

— Tasha C.


Don't get left behind! Social media skills that were cutting-edge six months ago are now yesterday's news
You'll master these Excel basics (and more) in just one day:

As social media marketing continues to evolve exponentially, companies are finding this is one marketing area where constant change is par for the course. Keeping up with what's new and improved in the social media universe is a vital part of staying connected with clients, customers and new business prospects. New platforms, new technologies and new marketing channels are popping up as fast as you can tweet, click, like or share.

To stay in the game, you've got to stay ahead of the newest trends … or risk losing out on profits, market share and business growth.

This course was designed for marketers who are already familiar with social media, but want to gain every advantage they can out of their social media campaigns. We'll cover the latest advancements and newest initiatives that can affect your marketing plans and strategies, and reveal how to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to integrating social media with more traditional marketing efforts.

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Gain cutting-edge information and fresh new marketing ideas you can put to use immediately!
  • LinkedIn®, Twitter®, Facebook®: Exciting new ways to utilize these tried-and-true powerhouses
  • Google+™: Savvy new social networking tool or another Facebook wannabe?
  • How the use of smartphones and tablets can affect your social media strategies
  • How to promote your products and services through online communities
  • Achieve exposure through multi-platform marketing and cross-promotion efforts
  • Should you add daily deal sites to your mix? Here's how to decide
  • How to avoid risks and liabilities that relate to your site's content

The impact of social media on individuals and organizations alike is tremendous. Don't let ineffective, outdated social media skills negatively affect your brand, your organization or your bottom line. Sign up for this workshop today, and harness the power of social media for the success of your business!


The Rules of Engagement

  • What is Social Media Engagement? How should you go about ensuring that your site visitors "engage?"
  • Engagement Parameters: what you should know
  • Creative ways to get your social media contacts to engage with you
  • Using the same etiquette on all social media platforms may get you banned for life. Learn the specific etiquette for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Why do some people engage and why do others ignore — the truth behind social media manners

Cultivating Relationships Through Advanced Social Media

  • Exciting new ideas, tips and secrets for attracting more people to your site
  • Learn to cross-promote and market your site through a variety of social media channels
  • Tips and techniques for tailoring your copy for use with various media tools
  • Creative content for your media campaign: how to write it, where to find it, how to keep it fresh
  • New ways to drive customers, prospects and browsers to your site and ensure a steady stream of new visitors
  • The importance of directing traffic: How to successfully route your site's traffic flow to ensure visitors linger longer
  • The value of entertainment: what's hot, what's not and when "enough is enough"
  • Best practices for keeping your online communications from being seen as spam

ROI Measurement — How to Tell if Your Marketing Efforts Are Paying Off

  • Ways to increase your ROI using social media's newest tools and channels Tools you can use to measure your impact: Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, etc …
  • The truth about fans, hits, followers and comments: why measuring sheer numbers isn't an effective analytical tool
  • Understanding Social Media Advertising — Which platform is right for you?
  • You have the results; now what? How to analyze and interpret the data you've gathered
  • Case studies: Examples of creative and successful social media campaigns
  • Use your new knowledge to repeat, refine or redesign your marketing message
  • Tailor your impact based on various markets:
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Internet Marketing
    • Technological Challenges
    • Productivity Tools

Legal and Ethical Issues to be Aware of Regarding Social Media

  • What constitutes "inappropriate use" of advanced social media?
  • How to avoid negative consequences or complications for your company
  • Effective practices for monitoring your brand and reputation
  • Damage control: what to do first when negative comments, tweets or posts threaten your organization
  • Creating an online community; obstacles that you may face trying to get there
  • Ethical concerns: lines and boundaries you should not cross regarding social media marketing
  • Legal issues: Red flags and trouble spots that can land you in legal hot water
  • Protect "Right to Use"
    • Creating business profile vs personal profile
    • What to do upon employee termination

Preparing for the Future

  • Brace yourself: change is coming! Are you ready to adapt?
  • Trends vs. fads: here's how to tell the difference
  • The "next big thing" — how to recognize and take advantage of trends in social media and internet marketing

*Price may vary by location and date.