Workers' Comp

Understand the complexities of these guidelines and how they interact with ADA and FMLA law

1-Day Seminar


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Workers' compensation is an area in which many organizations inadvertently overspend. Consequently, workers' comp is a great area to analyze in an effort to cut costs and trim the fat from your budget. This workers' compensation seminar will help you identify numerous ways to slash costs, trim unnecessary spending, streamline your safety plan, reduce employee turnover and days off work and boost the effectiveness of your return-to-work program.

Confused about the complexities of workers' comp?

You're not alone! Even seasoned HR veterans have a hard time interpreting grey areas, keeping up with changing regulatory issues and managing their compensation plans. In this information-packed Worker's Comp seminar, you'll discover a wealth of strategies, insider tips, tools, and more to help you manage your entire workers' compensation plan more effectively.

Get up to speed on legal issues surrounding workers' compensation

In this informative class, we'll guide you through workers' comp laws and examine important court cases and decisions that may affect your organization. We'll also cover one of the more confusing issues facing workers' comp specialists: the "Bermuda Triangle" and the complex ways in which workers' comp, FMLA and ADA regulations can overlap.

This course will provide you with real-world, proven ideas, strategies and techniques that other successful organizations are putting into practice right now. Created by our dedicated team of HR specialists, compensation gurus and benefits experts, Workers' Comp covers tried and true best practices, up-to-the-minute legal issues, employee fraud, safety issues and much more!

Workers' Compensation Training Seminar

Understand the complexities of these guidelines and how they interact with ADA and FMLA law

In this information-packed seminar, you’ll discover a wealth of strategies, insider tips, tools and more to help you manage your entire workers’ compensation plan more effectively. What you learn here will help you control costs, eliminate wasteful spending, put a stop to fraudulent claims and save your organization money.

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Workers' Comp 101: Get On Board with the Basics!

  • The truth about mandatory insurance — Are you exempt from carrying?
  • Self insurance — what it means, who's eligible and what's involved
  • Injuries that qualify as workers' compensation claims — and those that do not
  • Coverage types you should be familiar with

WC Cost Control: Insurance, Premiums and More

  • How to find the right insurance plan and provider for your organization
  • An insider's look at determining premiums — Find out why yours may be too high
  • A checklist for evaluating insurers and finding the right fit at the right cost
  • Eight steps to prepare for the renewal process (follow these and lower your costs!)

Benefit Must-Knows

  • The different types of disability benefits
  • How to calculate wages for benefits
  • Rehabilitation and disfigurement benefits
  • Important considerations when dealing with death claims medical benefits

Bermuda Triangle — ADA, WC and FMLA

  • Why dealing with the triangle of ADA, WC and FMLA causes such headaches
  • Tips for sorting out the workers' comp claim that involves FMLA and ADA, and determining which statute to use for guidelines and enforcement
  • Ways to assess and eliminate possible injuries that may result from regular employment activities
  • How to handle injuries in the "course and scope" of employment
  • Immediate action employers must take when an employee violates safety rules

Common Issues You'll Come Up Against as a WC Administrator

  • When employees "play the system" — how to identify red flags that indicate suspicious accidents and fraudulent claims
  • Strategies to help you handle willful disregard for established safety procedures, and protect your organization
  • How to legally handle strategically-timed claims — right before layoffs, right after a poor performance review, etc.
  • Six tell-tale signs an accident should be considered "suspicious"
  • Immediate action employers must take when an employee violates safety rules

Accidents, Injuries and Incidents — How to Handle These Within Workers' Compensation Parameters

  • The difference between First Aid Claims and Workers' Comp Claims
  • OSHA Compliance and Workers' Compensation — how these programs affect each other
  • How to report and record workplace incidents properly
  • Three things not to do when an accident occurs — You'll plunge yourself right into legal and ethical hot water!
  • How to handle pre-existing conditions exaggerated by on-the-job injuries
  • The "Bermuda Triangle" — how FMLA, ADA and WC overlap and contradict each other

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