Leadership Skills

Learn comprehensive management and development skills to build a cohesive and collaborative team

Continuing Education Credits: CEU: 0.6 

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Motivate. Inspire. Lead. SUCCEED.

Leaders are born out of hard work.

Becoming a competent leader means effectively challenging, motivating and empowering others. It also requires transitioning from manager to leader.

The Leadership Event covers helpful strategies and straightforward insight on how to become a respected and effective leader.

Are you the kind of leader who:

  • Orchestrates projects and gets things done?
  • Makes informed decisions?
  • Delegates responsibility?
  • Attracts a following because you are charismatic, diplomatic or sensitive to people’s needs?

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This event explores what it takes to enhance leadership skills and build successful teams.

Leadership can be learned. Stretch beyond your comfort zone to draw on inner resources and achieve extraordinary results from yourself and from the people you lead.

Whether you’re an experienced leader on the lookout for ways to motivate your team, or you’re a manager or supervisor with an opportunity to move into a leadership role, coach your team to greater accomplishment, success and productivity.


Fine-tune Your Leadership Role

  • Learn to distinguish leadership roles by their contribution to business
  • How “action,” “influence” and “motivation” define a leader
  • Why different kinds of leaders are needed in today’s ever changing workplace
  • How to rally people behind your leadership — and get them to follow you willingly and enthusiastically

Implement Communication Strategies for Leaders

  • Assess your current communication techniques using our fail-proof checklist
  • Deal with the anxieties, doubts and self-questioning every new team experiences
  • Recognize the signs of “groupthink” and prevent your team from falling into this trap
  • Create an environment where team members feel free to ask for help, exchange ideas, admit to mistakes and share opinions
  • Overcome barriers to productive communication

Utilize Feedback and Direction to Think Outside the Box

  • The feedback cycle: effective ways to give and receive feedback
  • Key measures and benchmarks you can use to assess the development and progress of your team
  • The value of stepping back gradually allowing your team to reach its own conclusions and map its own actions
  • Clever remedies for “snipers”—team members that use “putdowns” to make other team members look bad
  • How to turn successes and failures into training opportunities
  • Ways to unleash and nurture the creative genius in those around you
  • Rewarding “creative weirdness”, encouraging risk taking, and applauding failure
  • Proven advice for team “brainstorming” sessions that produce more good ideas than you ever thought possible

Overcoming Team Conflict and Developing Team Members

  • The main sources of team conflict; five styles of handling conflict and when, why and how to use them
  • Sound guidelines that pinpoint conflict within a team, and lead you to firm and quick solutions
  • Valuable tips for resolving conflict, handling change and motivating others
  • Effective approaches that help you handle the most difficult people on your team
  • Why focusing on the process — not the person — is the most constructive criticism
  • Strategies team leaders use to get the best of each team member