The Introvert's Guide to Handling Conflict and Communication

Learn to diffuse crisis situations and navigate professional and social settings like a pro.

Continuing Education Credits: CEU: 0.3 

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How do you professionally thrive as an introvert? It may surprise you, but being an effective communicator is not a magical gift that some lucky people are born with. On the contrary, effective communication is cultivated, practiced and refined over time.

Many people that seem to have natural social butterflies have learned their social techniques from books, classes and training. During this 3-hour live interactive seminar, you’ll learn effective ways to calm crisis and conflict, while honing interpersonal and communication skills to navigate any professional or social setting with panache and ease.

Experts agree that professional success depends just as much on soft skills (a.k.a people skills), as it does on technical knowledge related to a specific position. For many introverts, this reality may seem daunting. It's time to even the playing field and learn the key factors that influence how you communicate with others and how they receive and perceive your communications.

In addition to boosting your career, these newfound communication skills will also help you handle the inevitable conflicts that arise at work — assertively, calmly and rationally. You'll master tools and techniques for keeping a firm hold on your emotions, while communicating more effectively and gain the ability to defuse volatile situations before they become a free-for-all. You will discover how to analyze different types of conflict situations so that you can respond accordingly.

You'll also discover how to analyze different types of personalities to predict others’ behaviors and lessen the anxiety of previously unpredictable social interactions. Discover and learn these practical, proven solutions for creating a more harmonious, collaborative workplace where you can lessen conflict and navigate all types of social settings and personality types to thrive and succeed.

What You Will Learn

  • Master a first impression that is positive and lasting using our four-minute strategy.
  • Understand how body language conveys secret communication messages.
  • Use business etiquette to your career advantage.
  • Initiate conversations in awkward social settings.
  • Increase social confidence.
  • Realize the value of your voice.
  • Conquer your fears of rejection.
  • Learn how to naturally work a room.
  • Increase the level of help and support you get from your employees, coworkers and managers.
  • Use Active, Rephrasing and Reflective listening skills to facilitate better communication.
  • Understand how personality styles affect conflict — and adjust your actions accordingly.
  • Stop getting into confrontations that don't solve problems.
  • Start communicating your way toward constructive solutions.
  • Deal with put-downs, sarcasm and less-than-flattering remarks politely and professionally.
  • Defuse volatile situations before they escalate into full-scale confrontations.

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, administrative professionals and every member of your organization who wants to improve their communication and conflict resolution skills — both introverts and extroverts alike.