Technical Writing for Business

Presenting complex information in a meaningful and understandable way

Continuing Education Credits: CEU: 0.3 

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Learn to be a better technical writer and present complex thoughts and information in a clear and organized way with this 3-hour interactive learning session. Technical documents come in many formats and lengths: market research, comparison studies, project tracking reports, job descriptions, even an inter-office memo explaining a policy change. For any kind of objective or communication exchange, informative technical writing is paramount.

Too often content and communication can become confusing and hard to follow, suffering too heavily on poor structure, industry jargon or needless clutter. Learn to explain and highlight technical information effectively and concisely to your audience. Modernize your writing process, while conveying precise information and professionalism across business-to-business writings, interdepartmental memos, annual reports, project surveys, customer-facing communications and more.

What You'll Learn

Discover a powerful, proven writing system designed specifically for technical assignments, along with specific skills to help:

  • Sort information, organize thoughts and cut to the core of a complex issue.
  • Write in language that matches your readers’ level of experience and understanding.
  • Summarize difficult data and intricate details in a crisp, concise overview.
  • Create strong transitions that keep your readers moving from one point to the next.
  • When and how to use illustrations, charts, graphs or even multi-media visuals to support your writing and help explain confusing material.
  • Learn to polish and edit your material via proven proofreading and editing techniques.
  • Use the skills from this course and experience a significant difference in how people respond to your writing.
  • Gain clarity and organization tricks to enable readers to make better-informed decisions.
  • Learn to make your clearly and succinctly—saving valuable time for everyone.
  • Create approachable, “read-me-now” communications.

Who Should Attend

  • Marketing, finance and budget analysts
  • Human Resources, policy and procedure drivers
  • Managers, supervisors and team leaders
  • Corporate communications personnel
  • Operations and I/S professionals
  • Scientists, engineers and technical specialists
  • Researchers, lab techs and students
  • Computer programmers, service and sales people
  • Copywriters and anyone tasked with creating and authoring technical documents, policies and communications