Succeeding as an Introverted Leader

A master session for reserved and reflective leaders

Continuing Education Credits: CEU: 0.3 

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According to Harvard Business Review (HBR), only 2% of people in senior leadership roles identify as introverted. Yet nearly half the population is introverted. According to HBR studies, introverted leaders are shown to listen more carefully and show greater receptivity to suggestions, making them more effective leaders. This 3-hour interactive seminar will help introverted leaders get the acknowledgements they deserve.

Introverted leaders think deeply about team goals and then challenge themselves to produce thoughtful solutions and ideas. Introverts in leadership roles let others shine and often acknowledge them for their accomplishments. What introverted leaders have a difficult time with, is putting the spotlight on themselves and their own accomplishments and getting moved into senior roles. This half-day online seminar will help to ensure reserved and reflective leaders have the tools to make their voices heard and their results known. Learn to leverage quiet strengths to find your voice... and amplify it.

What You'll Learn

  • The difference between Introverts and Extroverts.
  • Methods to identify and leverage the unique skill set Introverts bring to the table.
  • Ways to build your confidence.
  • Tips to tap into inner-power as a leader.
  • Strategies to ensure your voice is heard in meetings and one-on-ones.
  • Methods to manage your nervousness and bolster your confidence when speaking in public.