Stress Management for Women (afternoon)

Beat stress-caused tension, frustration and fatigue – and change forever the way you manage your active, vigorous agenda

Half-Day Seminar

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CEU: 0.3  

Leading health organizations assess that women experience 30% more stress than men. Attend this seminar and you will learn proven strategies and tactics to:
  • Attack stress at its source. Know the seven major causes of stress and how to neutralize them.
  • Defeat workplace stress. Get hard-hitting tips to handle pressure, crises, problem solving and decision making with ease.
  • Rebuild and renew creativity, confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Protect your health and create a nutrition, exercise and sleep routine that works for you.
  • Balance your numerous commitments, without the conflicts. Learn three powerful steps that make it possible.
  • And much more!
Stress Management for Women PM

Beat stress-caused tension, frustration and fatigue – and change forever the way you manage your active, vigorous agenda

Demanding lives will never be totally without stress. In fact, experts agree that the right amount of stress can fuel your energy level, creativity and productivity.

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Stress: What It Is and How It Affects You

  • Identify the most common causes of stress
  • Learn psychological and physical signs and symptoms of stress and their effects
  • Evaluate how you currently manage signs and symptoms of stress
  • Discover triggers and sources of stress for women
  • Determine how women’s stress differs from men’s
  • Gender-based reactions to stressors
  • How these reactions affect work and home relationships
  • Ways to combat these gender-related stressors
  • Take a self-assessment to determine your stress level
  • Explore the positive aspects of stress and how it can be used as a motivator
  • Analyze ways to resist negative stress

Take Control of Your Life to Take Control of Your Stress

  • Improve relationships with active listening skills and stronger communication
  • Attain assertiveness techniques that lead to mutually respectful interactions
  • Discover conflict-management and resolution techniques that help maintain rapport
  • Explore time-management techniques that will improve productivity and reduce stress
  • Learn how to let go of perfectionism — and the procrastination that comes with it
  • Achieve successful delegation by overcoming “do-it-all” syndrome

Change Your Mindset

  • Discover the power of optimism and how it can reduce stress
  • Define situations as manageable rather than stressful
  • Revise negative self-talk into positive self-talk
  • Find a sense of belonging to maintain emotional health and well-being
  • Build social support networks to nurture the “tend-and-befriend” stress reaction common among women
  • Make diverse interpersonal connections to increase the number of supportive relationships in your life
  • Evaluate your current sense of belonging, social support networks and interpersonal connections and identify how to improve them

Manage Your Stress Going Forward

  • Discover tips to balance work and family commitments
  • Evaluate current work-life balance and determine where changes can be made
  • Learn to disconnect to reconnect, lower your stress and build stronger relationships
  • Plan, prioritize and pare down commitments to make “me” time
  • Determine where relaxation and fun can be added to your schedule
  • Change unhealthy coping habits for the better
  • Take care of your body and mind
  • Improve your sleep to avoid the physical and emotional damage sleep deprivation causes
  • Follow your passions and stay in touch with your feelings

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