Time Management for the Overwhelmed

How to work smarter not harder

1-Day Seminar


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CPE: 6  

If you're like most people, it happens often. Your ambitious plans were sacrificed to …
  • A bottomless in-box
  • The constant stream of minor crises "only you can handle"
  • Endless details, letters, phone calls, and interruptions that leave you wondering, "Will I ever get caught up?
Wonder no more. You can get caught up — and start getting ahead. How? By learning and mastering these essential skills:
  • Setting priorities, so you focus on what's important
  • Controlling your workday, so you move toward your objectives steadily and complete them on time
The payoffs are real and lasting.

You'll get more done and be more valuable within your organization. You'll feel less stressed and frazzled. And, best of all, you'll be able to get to the high-priority projects you never seem to have time for. It's no secret that successful people are those who have learned to control their days — instead of letting interruptions, paper chases, and the phone control them.

This training will help you and your people …
  • Identify what's important
  • Anticipate problems and prevent bottlenecks
  • Spot the hidden shortcuts in every project
  • Resolve the conflict when other people's goals compete with yours
  • Stop procrastinating — get started and get it done
Strategies for the Overwhelmed

How to work smarter not harder

It's no secret that successful people are those who have learned to control their days — instead of letting interruptions, paper chases, and hours on the phone control them. Don't miss your chance to gain the proven skills and strategies that will help you work smarter, manage better, and live a happier, more productive life.

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  • Determine what kind of “tasker” you are
  • Discover which time management tools REALLY works for you – you might be surprised!
  • Evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and stress triggers to form a strong foundation for success
  • Take a hard look at your work day and discover obstacles to getting things done

Day-by-Day Tasks

  • Gain insight on your personal organization to better manage workplace chaos
  • Clear out the clutter – trim everything from paper stacks to electronic noise like emails, IMs and text alerts!
  • Improve on how you handle interruptions, daily tasks and to-dos with action plans that take your strengths and triggers into account
  • Apply your personal tasker style to daily task challenges and identify personalized solutions
  • Critically examine your organizational habits and find ways to improve


  • Set goals – don’t just attack tasks with no meaning, but intentionally accomplish goals while continuing to grow your time management skills
  • Understand the difference between short-term and long-term goals

Next Steps

  • Learn how to debrief once you’ve finished a task – discover how to know when it’s complete and how do you learn from it
  • Take action to enhance your knowledge and improve the processes that work for you
  • Measure your success and recognize areas to improve
  • Discover the power of the gap analysis – compare where you are now with where you want to be in order to plan a path to success

Getting Things Done in Groups

  • Share your goals and action plan with colleagues to support your endeavors and attain (the seemingly) impossible
  • Communicate with others effectively and discover ways to better collaborate with those of a different tasker type
  • Get what you need to improve your quality of life and work effectiveness

Establishing and Keeping Good Habits

  • Don’t let your established routine continue to work against you!
  • Learn how to establish good, lasting habits by evaluating how they are formed and the best way to achieve them
  • Discover how habits are created and how to use your behavioral triggers to your advantage

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