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Reading: A constant frustration … or a secret of success?

Every day, all day long, you're faced with "information overload." Facts, data and other information come at you from every direction — from the newspaper that lands on your doorstep to the emails, reports, memos and other correspondence that land on your desk and in your mailbox. It's an endless stream of material to read, understand, remember and act upon.

Whether you thrive — or barely survive — hinges on your proficiency in processing so much information. If you're like most people, you simply don't have more time to devote to catching up on your reading. Put Evelyn Wood's world-famous, time-tested techniques to work for you, and you'll be reading faster right away … with greater comprehension and retention than you've ever experienced!

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Speed Reading

Now, this highly acclaimed program is available in a fast-paced, one-day seminar format. In just one day, you'll learn how to …

  • Dramatically improve your ability to remember and recall what you've read — without taking laborious notes, rereading or continually referring back to the material
  • Read at incredible speeds — double, or even triple, your present reading rate
  • Increase your comprehension of what you read — really understanding ideas, information and data
  • Take notes, prepare reports and presentations and write documents with amazing speed and clarity
  • Develop different, specialized techniques for reading newspapers, correspondence, books, technical data, financial items — virtually any kind of reading material you might encounter

Today's most respected leaders have taken advantage of the powerful benefits of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics. U.S. presidents, cabinet members, heads of state, legislators, Fortune 500 executives and CEOs, judges, scientists — graduates of this program are found at the top of every field. You, too, will benefit greatly from the remarkable results of this renowned program. You will learn not only how to multiply your reading speed but also how to feed more information into your brain, absorb it as fast as you can think and retain it.


Evelyn Wood's Four Basic Concepts

  • Learn how four basic ideas can eliminate your old reading habits and move you toward highly efficient "visual" reading
  • Train yourself to read vertically, and eliminate slow, unproductive "line reading"
  • See the big picture in everything you read — you'll understand the form and organization of the material before you read it
  • Try five quick exercises to help you recognize and accept the "visual impressions" in everything you read, and participate in three innovative self-tests to sharpen your new skills in visual reading

Increased Reading Speed

  • Discover how natural "speed readers" cover material two to three times faster than the average reader
  • Do you "hear yourself read?" Find out how this common practice impairs your reading speed and comprehension
  • Improve your concentration skills and avoid outside distractions that interfere with reading
  • Gain a vital skill to comprehend what you're reading as you read it — and stop rereading bits and pieces to improve your comprehension
  • Learn four ways to break in books and publications before you begin to read. You'll increase reading comfort and ease page turning
  • Practice using your hand as a vital reading tool. You'll learn basic hand motions to help you keep your place and pace

Better Memory and Recall

  • Find out how to recall information from material you've read — as much or as little as you need
  • Establish a personal "recall pattern" — a logical process that improves your memory skills tremendously
  • Discover how to "preview" material and commit it to memory. You'll remember more of what you've read — with less effort

Note-Taking, Study and Listening Skills

  • Master four ways to take better notes at meetings, seminars and presentations — you'll get all the important information without trying to record every detail
  • Create the ideal study environment and develop a "mental set" that aids retention of the material
  • Use the time management "pyramid" to maximize your efforts with all types of reading — from complex, highly technical material to leisure reading

Improved Reading Comprehension

  • Do you really understand what you read? Learn the five levels of reading comprehension, and discover ways to improve your present comprehension level
  • Utilize 10 simple tips for long-term memory and recall. You'll remember information longer than the average reader
  • Discover powerful methods for improving your understanding and comprehension while actually increasing your reading speed

Report and Presentation Techniques

  • Implement a six-step procedure that streamlines preparation time for reports, papers, speeches and more
  • Learn how to use the "Multiple Reading Process" to find and compile sources of information for reports and presentations. You'll be better organized and save time, too
  • Get dozens of effective hints for writing first drafts and final reports with greater speed and clarity

Tips for Everyday Reading

  • Employ proven tips to help you read periodicals — you'll increase your enjoyment, as well as your speed and comprehension
  • Zip through your in-box with indispensable reading methods for letters and correspondence