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Offered as an abridged version of our full day seminar sharing the same name, this 3.5-hour seminar is perfect for those who need to glean key concepts in a shorter time span.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) receives more than 10,000 sexual harassment complaints from U.S. workers yearly and has awarded complainants in excess of 60 million dollars in the span of a single year, with the average Fortune 500 company losing $6.7 million due to sexual harassment and bullying litigation. Sexual harassment and bullying can be devasting for victims and damaging to any organization by creating a hostile work environment that lowers morale and employee confidence while decreasing productivity and increasing expenses. Keep your employees and your organization safe, while learning to understand, prevent and respond to multiple types of sexual harassment and bullying with this 3.5-hour interactive seminar.

Today, sexual harassment and bullying demand a knowledgeable approach. Incidents of employee mistreatment have become more common in the workplace and are more frequently reported. The best path to eliminating harassment of all types is through fostering transparency, accountability, integrity, equity and justice in every work environment. Improving the work culture and climate of your organization rests on a foundation of trust and partnership set forth by how you educate and respond to your employees. This seminar is recommended for business owners, directors, managers, supervisors and all levels of HR and leadership.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the legal definitions of sexual harassment and bullying.
  • Explain non-acceptable behavior in the workplace.
  • Define the various types of harassment.
  • Assist in changing the culture of an organization to end harassment.
  • Understand and be able to effectively handle harassment claims from the beginning of the complaint through investigation and beyond.
  • Know how to respond if a complaint is investigated and revealed to be false.
  • Determine appropriate solutions for multiple types of sexual harassment and bullying.
  • Develop yearly refresher training for leaders and team members.
  • Gain strategies for getting back on track in the workplace after a verified incident of harassment or bullying.