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How to Have Sensitive and Difficult Employee Conversations

Addressing private and personal topics

Continuing Education Credits: CEU: 0.3 

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As a manager or HR professional, dealing with sensitive employee issues can be uncomfortable. Your job is to keep the business of the company productive while protecting your employees’ privacy. According to Forbes, ignoring, or not properly managing delicate situations can create issues for the organization moving forward. Whether you are an HR professional who has training in handling these issues, or a small business owner who has never encountered such issues, having specific training for these types of conversations is always helpful. The goal of this 3.5-hour interactive seminar is to provide HR professionals, leaders, managers, supervisors, even co-workers, with the tools to address sensitive issues with employees.

What are sensitive issues? Body odor, bad breath, preferred pronouns, deterioration in performance due to mental health issues or family issues, accusations of harassment, poor attendance and/or tardiness from unstable childcare and many others. Aside from developing the skills to empathically and professionally have these conversations with your employees, this course also covers important laws that relate to dealing with sensitive and personal employee situations and communication.

What You'll Learn

  • Policies that companies have in place to address the handling of private, sensitive or uncomfortable situations and information.
  • Ways to approach an employee when discussing a sensitive issue.
  • Strategies for handling when an employee comes to you with a sensitive issue.
  • Knowledge on the laws to consider when addressing sensitive conversations.
  • Real-life examples of handling sensitive issues in the workplace.