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According to research conducted by Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR), 42% of the U.S. labor force now works from home full-time. With the increase of the virtual work environment, even the strongest of presenters face new challenges. Strong presentation skills are essential for everyone—from those interviewing with a company for a new position to those involved with organizational presentations, nonprofit fundraising, government projects, sales or project meetings and more. Join this 3.5-hour interactive seminar and learn step-by-step techniques to convey a flawless virtual online presence—from presentations and sales pitches to typical daily team meeting skills. Gain confidence knowing that you have a plan to deliver a powerful message, overcome remote challenges and engage your audience.

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Divided into six sections, this interactive learning session shares tips on how to:

  • Generate a presentation plan that delivers a powerful message.
  • Create impactful and memorable visuals.
  • Leverage virtual tools and platforms to create meaningful interaction.
  • Employ advanced tricks and troubleshooting techniques for lighting, cameras, microphones, meeting minders and more.
  • Build trust and rapport by using interpersonal cues for the virtual world.
  • Develop strategies to engage, persuade and inspire others with confidence.
  • Create meaningful interaction with your audience that inspires—during the meeting and after.

What You'll Learn

  • Developing the presentation:
    • How to script your presentation.
    • Ways to employ proven storytelling principles.
    • How to time and plan special interactions and activities such as meeting warmups and breakout sessions.
  • Creating impactful visuals to support your presentation:
    • When to use virtual aids and when not to.
    • Methods for using virtual aids to control the tempo and mood of the meeting.
    • How to use virtual aids to boost your presenting confidence.
  • Troubleshooting advanced equipment set-up:
    • Tips for arranging cameras and webcams in your meeting.
    • Expert-level techniques for microphones and lighting.
    • Considerations for using various software programs and online meeting platforms, along with the most common problems and how to overcome them.
  • Building trust and rapport with your audience:
    • Strategies for opening a presentation or meeting.
    • Methods to set expectations for a successful meeting.
    • Techniques to eliminate virtual stage fright.
  • Capturing and maintaining the attention of your audience:
    • Ways to employ the use of questions, polls, and activities.
    • Specific vocal techniques that stimulate and energize the audience.
    • How to control and limit multi-tasking and silence by others during the meeting.
  • Inspiring action after the meeting:
    • Decisive words and plans that motivate action.
    • Methods for using goals and deadlines to create change.
    • Strategies to establish follow-up and follow-thorough.

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