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The Outstanding Receptionist (morning)

Learn how to polish your image, perfect your telephone skills and increase your value to your organization

Continuing Education Credits: CEU: 0.3 

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No matter how busy you are, your organization depends on you to project a professional image, a first impression people will remember and respect for months to come.

In just a half-day, you will discover how to improve your skills and better support everyone in your organization — right up to the managing director. You also will learn how to manage the stress that comes naturally with your hectic schedule, and enjoy your job more in the process.

This program is packed with the tools and techniques receptionists need to face challenges confidently, tackle growing responsibilities, and maintain composure amidst chaos. You will learn to manage your time better … deal with all types of people … handle conflict with tact and poise … and make a positive and polished first impression.

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You'll learn ways to:
  • Perfect your telephone skills
  • Project an image that commands respect
  • Improve your customer service
  • Be more than "just a receptionist"

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Here's what you will gain

  • The 10-second rule: How to create first impressions to match your company’s image
  • Ways to stay fresh, alert and sincere all day long
  • The best ways to greet, interrupt or transfer people on the telephone
  • How to adjust your voice (volume, tone and pitch) to project confidence and friendliness
  • How to be more assertive, yet polite
  • When everyone wants your attention: How to juggle multiple priorities and still keep your sanity
  • How to screen people without offending them (and get the information you need)
  • Positive phrasing techniques to calm irate callers
  • How to make sure you always have coverage for breaks, holidays, training and sick leave
  • 3 exercises you can do at your desk to relieve tension
  • How to develop a reference book that keeps valuable information at your fingertips
  • Cleanliness vs. clutter: How to become organized and stay that way
  • Tips for improving teamwork with other support staff
  • How to reassure a guest who has been waiting a long time
  • How to deal with people who demand too much, ramble on, are confused or seem too aggressive
  • How to create internal telephone lists that do more than just list telephone numbers
  • Cross-training: How to expand your role in the company