Onboarding Virtual and Remote Employees

An interactive learning session to ensure new hires outside the office are set up for success

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Onboarding remote employees involves more than just conducting a new hire orientation. Even with the best of circumstances, adding an employee to the team means ensuring that HR and supervising managers are working ahead to preemptively irradicate as many challenges as possible, while conveying intricacies like corporate culture, employee expectations, team attributes and performance goals. It’s no wonder that onboarding employees virtually presents its own inherent set of challenges to traditional onboarding. This 3.5-hour interactive seminar focuses on the four Cs of remote employee onboarding: Compliance, Clarification, Culture and Connection to ensure your organization is onboarding employees in a way that sets up both the employee and the organization for success.

In addition to administrative tasks like enrollments and equipment set-up, working through unspoken facets like corporate culture, employee personalities, workflows and work styles can be challenging for employees working outside the office, as well as employees that remain in the office. One of the most important contributions any human resource professional or hiring manager can make when onboarding a new employee remotely is to deliver positive contributions right away and never under-emphasize the importance of communication.

With this seminar, learn to take your organization to a new level of effectiveness by improving and integrating all new employee touchpoints––from recruiting and orientation to that first day of working remotely and beyond. Learn to optimize employee engagement while increasing organizational productivity, satisfaction and retention for your organization’s virtual and remote employees.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand virtual onboarding and the difference between onboarding and orientation.
  • Discover ways to ensure all remote working requirements, expectations and equipment have been set up before your employee’s first day.
  • Gain insight on the four Cs of employee onboarding––Compliance, Clarification, Culture and Connection––and how they support a positive, productive and collaborative work environment.
  • Determine strategies to maintain employee excitement, enthusiasm and engagement in a virtual world.
  • Understand the top ten rules for successful onboarding.
  • Adopt best practices to manage virtual employees and teams.
  • Gain knowledge to develop a written virtual onboarding plan for your organization.

Who Will Benefit

Human resources professionals, business owners, directors, managers and supervisors will benefit from this training.