Outlook®: Tips, Tricks and Secrets Unlocked

Unlock the secrets of Microsoft® Outlook® to make this software program work for you in this half day seminar (morning session)

Half-Day Seminar


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Take control of your workday.

Instant communication, flawless organization and time management skills are at the heart of today's modern business practices. Microsoft® Outlook® is the definitive email, scheduling and contact management tool in business today. If you are working in the business world today, most likely you are using Outlook as a cornerstone of your communication efforts. If you are new to this program, this seminar will quickly give you an edge to navigate your communications efficiently and effectively. If you are someone who uses this program every day, you may not be using Outlook to its fullest potential.

In this morning session, we'll cover:
  • Ways to maximize internal and external email communications
  • Build and maintain your contact information center
  • Confidently navigate Outlook and learn how to manage your schedule to the minute
  • Quickly prioritize your "to do's" and assign tasks to others
  • Experience improved efficiency and increased productivity
  • Save, organize and share vital communications with ease
  • Read, manage and create new messages, set up signatures, and activate the Out of Office Assistant
  • Create new appointments, contacts, contact groups and distribution lists
Outlook integrates email communication, to-do lists and tasks, resource tracking, storage and meeting management into one amazing multi-faceted software program.

Sticky notes, meeting reminders, lists of daily tasks or any other manual system you might be using now could be made more efficient, effective and helpful with the use of this powerful productivity program. If you need to organize, track, store and share different types of information to manage work and personal schedules, then this training is for you.

Participants will come away from this workshop with a greater understanding of Microsoft Outlook and its versatility as a desktop information manager. Enjoy a new appreciation for a system that enables and encourages efficiency, productivity and control.

Microsoft® Outlook® The Untapped Power Tool Training

Unlock the secrets of Microsoft® Outlook® to make this software program work for you in this half day seminar (morning session)

In just half a day, you'll discover how to navigate your communications efficiently and effectively. Learn how to use Microsoft® Outlook® as the definitive email, scheduling and contact management tool in business today.

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Manage the Outlook® Environment

  • Customize your Outlook settings and views to tailor the workspace that works for you
  • Set up additional mailboxes
  • Create signatures easily, and learn multiple ways to sign your email from professional to personal use
  • Learn to customize your Auto Reply messages to communicate as much, or as little, information as you would like people to know
  • Store and share information with attachments, saved messages and printed tasks or contacts
  • Find the messages, folders, tasks, contacts and your calendar you need to by learning how to search
  • Categorize incoming messages to get organized efficiently and effectively
  • Discover the power of the right click

Manage Messages

  • Learn exciting organizational tips to help you become more organized with Outlook
  • Manipulate your messages – create, reply or forward, save, sort, store – and so much more
  • Format text to send a clear, concise message to your audience
  • Use Quicksteps to save time and increase productivity
  • Organize and sort your messages and folders to make your inbox even more manageable
  • Sort messages, Folders and folder navigation, clean up, flag and ignore messages

Manage Schedules, Contacts and Groups

  • Demystify calendar setup – customize viewing details, work times and calendar sharing
  • Learn what you need to successfully schedule meetings and resources
  • Create and update contacts, notes, and tasks
  • Alter contact groups for convenience – all of your contacts in one place and organized based on your needs

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